We little Wednesday

Beat the Hacker, Save Our Files!

a virtual social event designed for enormous fun

You're Invited!


Join your Rosewood family (virtually) Wednesday, March 24 at 3:30 PM for our first We Little Wednesday of 2021!


We little Wednesdays are small social events designed for enormous fun!  They are a way to put WE before ME


Each quarter, all of our Rosewood family of companies join together to simply get to know our peers across companies and in different departments!
What's the plan?


We have invited the Greenhat People to create a Virtual Escape Room for us to play. We will be zooming together, breaking into teams in zoom, and figuring out how to save Rosewood from utter destruction. Scroll down to discover more details and RSVP to the event (clicking the RSVP is essential for you to be included)!

What's the premise of the game?

A group of hackers has managed to break into our servers and lock all our corporate files! They threaten to erase it all in 45 minutes. But the hackers are not motivated by cash -if you and your teammates can prove your worth and crack 15 tough challenges, they will release the files. 


Join us to “Beat the Hacker” and help save Rosewood Family of Companies!

How will we play?


Once you RSVP, you'll be added to our list. A week prior to the event, we will randomly divide up everyone who has RSVP'd into groups of 5 people. We will select one team leader for every group who will receive additional information. The team leader will be responsible for inputting information for their team. Once we log into zoom on March 24, Greenhat will introduce the game, give us directions, and we will move everyone into their individual team zooms.


You'll be able to work together to solve quests, and then we will all be brought back to zoom to check out the Leader Board and discover how our teams ranked and if you were able to save Rosewood's files! The winning team gets to select their charity of choice for Rosewood to make a donation to in their name. 


How do you sign up?


RSVP by simply clicking the RSVP button you see below this line of text. You'll be redirected to a google form. Fill out the 3 questions, submit, and you'll be set to play!