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Weekly Newsletter | 07/03 - 07/09

Leadership Live!


Did you miss our latest Leadership Live? No problem, watch it now! This month's guest speaker was none other than Dr. Edward Fubara!
Dr. Fubara discussed the significance of expressing gratitude in the workplace, and the positive effects it can give both the recipient and the giver. He also informs on different approaches for properly expressing gratitude to your peers.
Did you know gratitude directly improves physical and psychological health as well?
Watch this Leadership Live and learn more about Dr. Fubara’s insight on How to Express Gratitude Toward Your Co-workers!


"At Penmarc, showing or giving gratitude toward your co-workers and clients is extremely important and should be done daily, both in the office and at every project or installation. ... Since we spend more time at work than we do with our families, I believe it’s especially important to find ways to show gratitude to your co-workers."


Click below to read about ways you can express gratitude toward your co-workers!
Material Handling - Proper Lifting Techniques
"This instructional video guides you through the proper lifting technique and provides tips to ensure you're lifting in a safe, effective way."
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Employee Spotlight!

Shout Out of the Week:

Erica Yaffe, Market Training Lead
Kristy Sellers, Field Support Coordinator
Waylon McGuire, Installer


"Huge Shout-out to Erica Yaffe, Kristy Sellers, and Waylon McGuire for their support at the Raleigh Office and Warehouse on our Rosewood Apparel inventory. Thank you for your hard work!"
- Kevin Curry, EVP - Penmarc


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