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Continuing this quarter's theme of "Creating a Great Team," Lauchiè spoke to us about Being a Positive Influence. Through his webinar, he taught us ways we can grow our skills in influencing our teammates in the right way.


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"Whether in the field or the office, at Penmarc, we believe maintaining a positive attitude toward your customers and co-workers is of great importance.
Keeping a positive attitude goes hand in hand with our Core Values."


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We have exciting news! You can now make changes to your direct deposit right in ADP! It is secure and easy to do.
By now, you hopefully have registered for your ADP account. If you are one of the employees who have, you can log in and make changes or even add an account.
The even better news is that you can do this on the ADP App!


Click the link below to find a step-by-step guide to make the changes or add an account in ADP online and in the ADP App. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Team.
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Employee Spotlight!

Shout Out of the Week:

Gary LaMonaco, Carpenter


“Gary displayed diligence in working through a redesign and modification of a work order for 2 weeks to ensure our records, billing, and invoicing were properly aligned." 
- Louis Woodland, Penmarc Market Manager


The Inspired Podcast


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – May 18, 2022


Hello Installers! Lisa Orlando here this week.
This week we are going to talk about:


• Important Penmarc News
• Cruxos task completion
• Communication
• Preston Rollout
• TCS Earning Call Highlights
Cruxos Task Completion
There are two reasons why I want to address the importance of REAL-TIME Cruxos completion:
1. I’ve seen a rise in emails from our billing team asking installers to complete their tasks.
2. There has been a rise in late contact with customers when installers are running late.
Starting with the first reason, Cruxos is just as much a part of the job as hanging the track. And it takes time and effort to track down each installer who doesn’t complete Cruxos. 
Guys, we have 150 installers across the company, and it is a drain on resources to track down incomplete tasks. The office team is here to support you but not babysit you. So, complete all tasks or add information to your general notes on why you cloud not complete a task.
And two, our coordinators are reviewing clock-in and arrival times to ensure that jobs are starting on time. We look unprofessional when we end up contacting the customer after your scheduled appointment time to let customers know you’re running late or cannot make it to the job altogether. 
On top of looking unprofessional, we also create an escalated situation that no installer wants to walk into. So we ask you to do your part and over-communicate when you are running late or cannot make it to an appointment. 
Call the Penmarc coordinators if you are running late. If you cannot make it to a job, you should immediately contact your Market Manager. 
And lastly, add your arrival time when you arrive at the job. It should be the first thing you do before you exit your vehicle. 
Communication is so vital in this job because there are many stakeholders on every install: 


  • The customer
  • The TCS store that sold the space
  • TCS Installation Services that manages the installation appointments
  • YOU!
  • Penmarc
Everyone is looking for a smooth and positive experience. Inevitably, there will be challenges on jobs, and YOU are link, the liaison, the most pivotal person in the chain that can ensure that whatever the issue is, it will resolved. So you must double down on communication.
And I assure you, if you call TCSIS and report the issues, AND document everything in Cruxos well, you’ll help all the stakeholders.
Business Update
Preston rollout is going very well. After next week, we will officially be halfway through all of the stores that Penmarc services. As we do more and more stores and more and more installers see the product, we get better and better feedback to pass along to TCS. 
I do ask all installers involved in the Preston Store displays to continue to keep the highest levels of professionalism while in our client’s HOUSE. 
Part of that professionalism means keeping conversations to a minimum so you can focus on the work. Also, do not get overly sidetracked trying to explain a system that we are also just learning. 
If you are a part of the Preston Store Display changes, you will see the job in your job log in Cruxos. You will also receive an email from us here at Penmarc about a week before the scheduled rollout in your area.
When you receive the email, ensure you review all the attachments! 
If you have any questions about Preston or want to know more about the upcoming rollout in your area, please connect with your Market Manager.


I also wanted to highlight some of the news from TCS’s business. They held their end of the full fiscal 2021 year call yesterday (note their fiscal year runs from April to March).
  • TCS reached the 1 billion dollar mark for the first time in the company’s 43-year history.
  • Sales of spaces over $2,000 were up 26% (over fiscal 2020)
  • Plans to expand the “Garage” category by showing Preston as an option and expanding the Gladiator product offerings
New Openings:


  • Primarily focused on opening smaller footprint stores (10K – 15K selling sq. ft. – note that most TCS stores average about 24K sq. ft.)


  • Plan to open 76 new stores by 2027 (over the next six years)
  • Two new stores in 2022: in Colorado Springs and New Hampshire
Remember, all installers should be calling for authorization on ISVs.
Be sure to Call TCS Installation Services when you have a missing, damaged, or back-ordered product.
Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos.
Answer "NO" to the question, "Is the installation 100% complete?" if you have any missing, back-ordered, or damaged products.
Take care of yourselves! There’s a lot of sickness going around – Covid, flu, and others – please be sure you let us know ASAP if you’re not feeling well.
Final Thoughts
In place of the Spirit of Excellence comments today, I want to share some personal news with you.
This will be my final time hosting the Inspired Call as I have made the difficult decision to leave Penmarc.
My final day with the company will be on Friday, May 27 (Which is Kevin Curry’s birthday by the way – sorry about that Kevin).
I want you all to know that I have enjoyed my time at Penmarc over the last two-and-a-half years and that I have nothing but the highest regard for the company and all of you. Some of my favorite moments have been interacting with the installers, working with you through challenges, and seeing many of you grow into what I believe is the best installation group around.
I know I'll be leaving you all in the amazing hands of the most talented Market Managers. Thank you to all the installers, and the Coordinators and a special thank you to Bryan Smart, Roger Concha, Andy Payne, Louis Woodland, Kevin Antoine, Erica Yaffe, Kelly Beard, and Kevin Curry.
Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up – stay the course and stay safe.


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