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We have exciting news! You can now make changes to your direct deposit right in ADP! It is secure and easy to do.
By now, you hopefully have registered for your ADP account. If you are one of the 69% of employees who have, you can log in and make changes or even add an account.
The even better news is that you can do this on the ADP App!


Click the link below to find a step-by-step guide to make the changes or add an account in ADP online and in the ADP App. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Team.
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Shout Out of the Week:

Patrick Rutledge, Subcontractor – Washington D.C. Metro


“Shout-out to Patrick Rutledge, who recently finished a job in Annapolis. His client wanted me to let him and his superiors know that he did an amazing job with everything he did for her at her installation, and she really appreciates him and his hard work!” 
- Penmarc Coordinator (via phone call with a customer)


The Inspired Podcast


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – April 6, 2022


Hello, installers! Lisa Orlando is here again this week. We had a series of client meetings last week, and there were some reoccurring topics we need all of you to address.
This week we are going to talk about:
  • Standard Covers
  • The new Elfa Storage Utility Tracks
  • The importance of showing up for every job prepared
  • Busted Job Cruxos Guidelines
Elfa Standard Covers:


Here is my least favorite topic to discuss because it shouldn't even be a topic. We should install Elfa Standard Covers 100% of the time if they are on the order. 
We understand our client doesn’t always take the time to explain what Elfa Standard Covers are, and thus, you may get questions when you tell customers what they are. We also understand all installers do not enjoy installing Elfa Standard Covers. This is why installers use language to talk the customer out of keeping them. But here is my message to all installers: 
Don’t bring up Standards Covers to the customer. No matter how professional or sly installers are during this conversation, all the customer says when they return the Elfa Standard Covers is, "My installer said I didn’t need these.”
Elfa Standard Covers are about $20 a roll. That adds up to high return dollars, which doesn’t make our client happy. 
TCS gave us some statistics on their Elfa Standard Cover Returns, and I’ve listed the stores in the top 20 for TCS overall. We have about 11 of the top 20 stores for Standard Cover stores. While all markets have some representation in the top 20, our Metro D.C. market is OVER-represented. Our goal is to bring these numbers down. 
Here’s the deal, when you get toward the end of your installation, and you're conversing with the customer to see if they need any final height adjustments, the conversation should go like this:

“Ms. Jones, do you have a few things you want to hang to see if these heights feel good to you before I put the finishing touches on your space?”

Then you talk over any minor adjustments they want.

“Great! I’ll make those tweaks, finish up, and come get you for the final reveal.”

Then you make the adjustments, and if Elfa Standard Covers are a part of the order, you put them on 100% of the time. Don’t even bring them up!

I will make all of you a deal! We start putting Standard Covers on 100% of the time, and IF TCS comes to me and says:
“We are getting complaints that installers put on standard covers without talking to the customer about them, and they're upset because they cannot adjust their shelves and don’t know what they were.”
I will gladly eat crow and send all 150 of you a handwritten "I’m so sorry" card. Deal?
The New Elfa Storage Utility Tracks


With the current Garage Marketing campaign our client is running, there has been an increase in sales and installs of the new Elfa Storage Utility Tracks. These are the old “Elfa Utility Tracks” that used to look just like a top track. The latest version is quite different, and the main difference during installation is that if it is a wall-mounted track, installers must pre-drill the holes for the hardware through the track.

Our client will add additional Elfa hardware for these tracks, and we have posted the instructional videos below. You can also find the video on The Container Store’s website.

As with any new product, we need each of you to understand how to install these items BEFORE we show up to install them. 😊


The left video covers wall-mounted tracks, and the right video covers tracks on standards.


Review the instructional videos below.
The importance of showing up prepared for every Job

This leads me to my next topic, showing up prepared for every job. 
I know you guys don’t leave home without your drill, and we need to treat all of the tools and consumables in the same fashion. Here are some common complaints from customers:


  • Had concrete walls, and the installer did not have a hammer drill.
  • Shelves (all system types) have chips or rough edges because the installer blades were not sharp enough.


  • Wall repair looks poor because the installer used old spackle or did not have flat white paint to cover repairs.

There are many others, but this is what we see most often. If you are a W2 installer, get with your market manager when running low on consumables or new blades. Don’t wait until you’re out of blades or if the blades are already dull.
ALWAYS have a corded Hammer Drill powerful enough to install in masonry walls. Let's do our part and show up prepared!
Busted Job Cruxos Guidelines
My last headline regards guidelines for using Cruxos when you have a busted job.
First, let me back up and say that we continue to innovate our automation process between Cruxos and our Clients technology, Salesforce. For many years now, much of the syncing between our system in their system has been manual. Now Cruxos automatically tells TCS that a job is complete and automatically closes the job in their system. When jobs go smoothly, this works like a charm! However, when there are issues on a job, especially when a job can't be substantially completed, we need you over-communicate!
Let’s talk busted jobs. A “busted job” usually consists of showing up, and there is clear evidence that you can't start work. In this case, you call TCS Installation Services and report the issues. 
Next (VERY IMPORTANT NEXT), you need to go into Cruxos and summarize the reason for the busted job in the general notes. We also expect you to complete the Arrival Tasks and Departure Task and add any relevant photos, such as pre-demo photos or general conditions photos. This helps explain why the job busted. You should also still add parking or tolls you incurred under additional services. The rest of Cruxos can remain blank.
The following scenario is more complicated. Suppose you have multiple spaces on a job, and at least one of those spaces cannot be substantially completed. In that case, you should do all of the same things above (Call TCS Installation Services and summarize the reason for the insufficient space in the general notes) and complete all of the other tasks in the job. However, leave the completion photos for that space unanswered in Cruxos.  
This may be the only time you’ll ever hear us say this. Still, we do not want you to fully complete the tasks in Cruxos for busted or partially complete jobs because if you do complete everything, our system will close and invoice our client automatically, which creates issues.
If you have questions about this, reach out to your Market Manager or our Billing team.
Business Update


Several field managers will be out of pocket next week as we travel to Florida to train on the new Preston system. Please reach out if there is an urgent need. Use the Authorization hotline if in a pinch!
We still need installers in the San Francisco area and the South Bay area, which are Palo Alto and San Jose. If you know anyone in this area, please send them our way! We're offering a $350 recruiting bonus to any installer, which provides a reference, and the installer stays on for 90 days. (Note: This does not apply to SuperSubs who are adding members to their team).
As a reminder, here are the markets we are hiring for:


  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Nashville, TN
Also, if you're an installer thinking to yourself, "Man, I wish I had more work!" and you're willing to hop on a plane, let your market manager know. There are plenty of jobs to work in the Northern California area. We will pay for travel expenses!


Remember, all installers should be calling for authorization on ISVs.
Call TCS Installation Services when you have a missing, damaged, or back-ordered product.
Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos.
Answer "NO" to the question, "Is the installation 100% complete?" if you have any missing, back-ordered, or damaged products.
Spirit of Excellences
Today’s Spirit of Excellence awards are all about the West Coast, specifically our Northern Cali crews! We've continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS customers. I hope you strive to make this list on every install you take! Not every customer who has a good experience reaches out to say so, but we still want to do great on each job to help motivate them to say so! In most cases, all it takes is doing the satisfying yet straightforward things like having that introduction conversation and CLEANING up after yourself.
Cole Kemmer (W2– Memphis, TN) 
“… I apologize for taking so long to send you this thank you note. Our installation was complete [In March]. The poor guy installing it was out of Memphis and did not eat or drink anything during the installation, probably 5 hours. He was almost too great. ;) The closet looks awesome now! We did rearrange a few of the units after it was installed to suit our needs, but we are using all the parts, which speaks to the product's flexibility and your design ingenuity. I have other closets so I will be reaching back out soon.” - TCS customer (via forwarded email)
Jamie Gagne (Subcontractor – Walnut Creek, CA)
“Shout out to the team for an awesome design and installation! Digging the new closet that went from unusable to helpful!" - TCS customer (via forwarded email)
Patrick Rutledge (Subcontractor, Washington D.C Metro) 
“I spoke to a client that Patrick Rutledge serviced recently in Annapolis; she wanted me to let him and his superiors know that he did an amazing job with everything he did for her at her installation. She appreciates him and his hard work!”
– Penmarc Coordinator (via phone call with the customer)
That's all for today, everyone.
Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up, stay the course, and stay safe.

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