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Last week, Lindsay McIntosh, Josh Silba, and Gwendolyn Robinson had the chance to pose behind their pies!
In celebration of Pie Day, we ate actual pies!
Various pies lined the tables in the community kitchen, and those who wanted to indulge had their pick of banana creme, lemon-raspberry, apple, mango, and spicy samosa.
They all looked delicious and tasted even better, yum!
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Take Our March Safety Quiz!
With March coming to a close, this is the last chance to complete this month's safety quiz for a chance to win exclusive Penmarc swag! This month's topic is COVID-19 Safety Awareness.

Important News!

Self-Service coming to ADP!
We are excited to inform you that we will be rolling out Employee Self-Service in ADP! Our first phase will allow you to change and update your Direct Deposit information in ADP. This process is confidential and easy. When we roll out the Direct Deposit Self-Service process we will provide you with a comprehensive “how-to” guide. If needed, we will also offer some in-person guidance.
Right now we  have two steps we are taking in preparation for this phase of our Self-Service rollout:
  • We are going to be sending out Registration invitations to all employees who have not registered at ADP to date. We ask you to register in ADP so you can take advantage of this new feature! An email will come from ADP to complete this process.
  • We are also asking all employees, who have completed the ADP Registration to ensure they can access their ADP account. This will ensure that you are able to log into ADP so that when the time comes, you have the ability to log in and change your Direct Deposit information.
To test your Login at ADP now, go to:
The HR team is here to help, so please let us know if you have any questions or require additional information or assistance!!

Employee Spotlight!

Shout Out of the Week:

David Kvicala, Subcontractor – San Jose, CA


“...this is truly awesome and thank you so much for doing such a great job. My installer David was also great. This was a truly great customer experience end to end!"
- TCS customer (via forwarded email)


The Inspired Podcast


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – March 30, 2022


Hello, Installers!
Spring is here, and April is just two days away. Be wary on Friday, April 1, for those of you with kids or sneaky spouses. 😊
On my last call, we spoke about:


  • When to connect with TCS Installation Services and how you should report that in Cruxos
  • TCS’s new Preston Close Line
  • Updates to the Tool List
I’m going to stick to those topics and expand upon the upcoming Preston rollout now that we have more information coming from our Client TCS and also speak about the upcoming Avera Promotion.
The Container Store will begin an Avera promotion on April 18. The promotional amount (or discounted amount) will be tied to The Container Store’s updated loyalty program (POP), which they are rebranding, and they are introducing their first-ever mobile app! I did see that it's already available in the Apple app store.
Avera systems are fairly straightforward installs, but still require more problem solving than the Elfa system. This means that communication by you, the installer, is vital. As I said last time, just about every issue that rears its head requires a phone call to TCS Installation Service. But I want to be sure that everyone knows you should call TCS Installation Services if you have any of these issues occur on a job:
1. Missing/Damaged parts
2. Design/Measure issue
3. Unexpected travel to the hardware store or TCS store (trip charge)
4. Specific customer request/change
5. Additional Service add-on or correction (demo/paint/trash, etc.)


A reminder to all - IMPORTANT: Adding additional demo service, when calculated and added by TCS ahead of time on an order, does include trash haul away of the demo.
6. RRP Positive/RRP Protocols needed
7. Cannot substantially complete install
8. The delivery truck hasn’t arrived by 10 AM (Laren/Avera)
This isn’t a full list of all the issues that require a call to TCS, but these are the most common issues. The best rule of thumb is if there's anything outside of the scope of work or anything that will require action on the part of you, another installer, the customer, the store, the coordinator, or TCS to follow up, call TCS Installation Services.
IF YOU DO CALL TCS Installation Services, you should document the reason for your call in the general notes. We also need all of you to get better at remembering who you spoke with. That goes for when you call the Penmarc offices as well. Knowing who you spoke with will expedite conversations when further action is necessary.
Okay, let’s talk more about The Container Store’s newest closet line, Preston. We know that Preston is replacing Laren, and we know that TCS will stop actively selling Laren in May 2022. They will “grandfather” any customers who have started the Laren process in May, but I believe the hard cut-off for Laren is July 2022.
As I said before, this means we will continue to see Laren install into the final months of this year, but they will substantially start dropping.
Information about Preston is still very fluid, but I encourage all Laren installers (or aspiring Laren installers) to visit the Closet Works Website:
TCS has asked us to do their display set-ups in their estimated 46 stores we service. We are finalizing the store rollout plan, and you can expect information from your market manager on what dates you are being tapped to be a part of the Preston setup and training.
We are making sure all SuperSubs will have opportunities to be on one or more installs and where possible, making sure we have current Laren installers join for Preston store display setups. The store display setups will occur from April through July of this year.
I can tell you there will be some bumps in the road as we start with the new system. The Market Managers and I will only get to see the setup twice before starting the march across all stores. This means some of you will only get to see it once or twice before you’re in a closet at a customer’s home.
All that said, we hope each of you is excited about the new system and that those of you who are only installing Elfa today become interested in learning the Preston system.
That leads me to my last topic today, Tools!
As a reminder, all installers should carry a socket wrench set for Gladiator product installs. I know most of you have this at home, but you should add the set to your vehicles each day so we can show up prepared.
We also now know that Preston installs will require the following tools:


Most of these items are already in your tool kits. Of course, we will send a lot more information regarding Preston in the months to come.


Business Updates
We still need installers in the San Francisco proper territory and the South Bay areas — Palo Alto and San Jose.
If you know anyone in this area, please send them our way!
We're offering a $350 recruiting bonus to any installer who provides a reference, and the installer stays on for 90 days. (Note: This does not apply to SuperSubs who are adding members to their team.)
As a reminder, here are the markets we are hiring for:
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Nashville, TN
Also, if you're an installer that's thinking to yourself, "Man I wish I had more work!", and you're willing to hop on a plane, let your market manager know. There are plenty of jobs to work in the Northern California area. We will pay for travel expenses!



Housekeeping Topics


Remember, all installers should be calling for authorization on ISVs.


Be sure to Call TCS installation services when you have a missing, damaged, or back-ordered product.
Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos.
Answer "NO" to the question, "Is the installation 100% complete?" if you have any missing, back-ordered, or damaged products.





Take the Safety Training Quiz out now!


Take care of yourselves!



Spirit of Excellences
Today’s Spirit of Excellence awards are all about the West Coast, specifically our Northern Cali crews!
We've continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS customers. I hope each and every one of you strives to make this list on every install you take! Not every customer who has a good experience reaches out to say so, but we still want to do our great on each job to help motivate them to say so!
In most cases, all it takes is doing the simple, yet satisfying things like having that introduction conversation and CLEANING up after yourself.
David Kvicala (Ka-Vic-A-La) (Subcontractor– San Jose, CA)
“… this is truly awesome and thank you so much for doing such a great job. My installer David was also great. This was a truly great customer experience end to end!" - TCS customer (via forwarded email)
Arnel Rolloda (Row-Low-Duh) (Subcontractor – Walnut Creek, CA)
“… I wanted to send a note to say that the Elfa system installer we worked with today, Arnell, did a really fine job. He was very professional, efficient, neat, thoughtful, and collaborative. He checked with us to make sure everything looked good to us and quickly addressed any adjustments we asked him to make.
It was a pleasure working with him.
Thank you." – email directly from TCS customer
Edward Trachuk (Tra-chuck) (Subcontractor, Sacramento, CA) & Alejandro (AJ) Velazquez (Pen W2  - Sacramento, CA)
"No surprise here that we got a compliment for installer Edward (“Eddie”) but wanted to pass it on. We also heard from another customer today who had AJ … and she raved about him as her installer." – TCS Store Representative (via forwarded email)
Edward Trachuk (Tra-chuk) (Subcontractor, Sacramento, CA)
“Wanted to reach back out and thank you for your assistance with our closet design. Also to say that Edward who did the installation of our Avera Closet system was great! Appreciated everything you did, every step of the way." – TCS customer (via forwarded email)
That's all for today everyone.
Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up – stay the course and stay safe.






Measurement and ISV



Download the Measurement and ISV Form below.
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