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News of the Day


  • If you are available to travel and assist in other markets please email
  • Tool Update! All installers should now carry with them a Socket Wrench Set. Socket wrenches are used for Galditor product installs.


Important News!
Self-Service coming to ADP!
We are excited to inform you that we will be rolling out Employee Self-Service in ADP! Our first phase will allow you to change and update your Direct Deposit information in ADP. This process is confidential and easy. When we roll out the Direct Deposit Self-Service process we will provide you with a comprehensive “how-to” guide. If needed, we will also offer some in-person guidance.
Right now we  have two steps we are taking in preparation for this phase of our Self-Service rollout:
  • We are going to be sending out Registration invitations to all employees who have not registered at ADP to date. We ask you to register in ADP so you can take advantage of this new feature! An email will come from ADP to complete this process.
  • We are also asking all employees, who have completed the ADP Registration to ensure they can access their ADP account. This will ensure that you are able to log into ADP so that when the time comes, you have the ability to log in and change your Direct Deposit information.
To test your Login at ADP now, go to:
The HR team is here to help, so please let us know if you have any questions or require additional information or assistance!!

Employee Spotlight!

Shout Out of the Week:

Alex Leopold and Matt Walters (Subcontractors - Atlanta)


"Thank you all so much!  Alex and Matt are both amazing I know they did a great job of turning his frustration into future business with us." 
- TCS Customer Closets Manager



How to Stay Calm Under Pressure



The Inspired Podcast


Penmarc Inspired Call 03/02/2022
Hello Penmarc Family,
This is Bryan Smart from STX Market bringing you once again this week’s inspired podcast.  
Today I want to speak briefly on the topic of Innovation  
Webster's Definition of innovation:  
1: a new idea, method, or device  
2: the introduction of something new
I like this one... The definition of innovation can be defined as a process that involves multiple activities to uncover new ways to do things
As an Example: Lego has been changing the materials of its famous bricks to biodegradable oil-based plastics.  
One of our Core Values as a company is "Innovate to Elevate"  by embracing creative solutions to be leaders in our everchanging industry
In my time with Penmarc, a little over two years now as a market manager, but prior to that I was in the field installing just like you all, I have seen tremendous growth within Penmarc. Our company is a part of a much larger picture, the "family of companies called Rosewood" which include ProVantage, Cruxos, InDemand, Penmarc, and Southern Concepts!  
Make sure you are reading your emails, checking out the Inspired PodCast each week from Penmarc as well as reading the Monthly Company publication called "the Insider"  - you may be surprised to find you're highlighted in the company news for certain achievements so check it out - Link to February 2022 The Insider Issue 2 - February 2022 (
Learn about the Rosewood University! This program has been specially designed to multiply the blessings bestowed on us, by giving us the opportunity to invest in our employees’ educational and professional growth.  
At Rosewood University, our employees will have the opportunity to complete “Rosewood Certifications” which include applicable courses chosen specifically for their position, that can be taken free of charge. Rosewood Certifications are offered by the employee band.  
The bands are:
  • Field Management – Project Managers, Market Managers, Field Managers, and Audit Training Managers
  • Front-line Supervision – Team Leads, Supervisors, Assistant Leads, and Lead Installer
  • Field Team Members – Field Representatives, LITs, Trim Carpenter, and Installer
  • Office Level 1 – Recruiters, Schedulers, Coordinators, Office Managers, Generalists, Specialists, Developers, and All General Staff
  • Office Level 2 – Office Managers, Office Supervisors, Office Directors, VPs, EVPs
  • IT- Web Developers, Programmers, Tech Support, IT Generalists Within most 


Certifications, there are core and elective options. Some courses will target specific departments; others will be open for all employees. A Rosewood Certification will be awarded upon completion of core competencies and electives as designated for each employee band. Each Certification will give employees the opportunity to use and apply their knowledge and skill into their current and future careers, as well as to infuse it into our Five Core Values. If you have any questions, you can contact Heather Whitley or call 919-600-6160 ext. 549
In our most recent Tuesday Morning Office meeting, we discussed this very topic. The innovation from each of you is what propels us all forward to learn new install practices, come up with new ideas, learn from one another, and grow into the company that we have become.
Housekeeping Topics
An Elfa Garage Marketing Campaign will begin in March. This is not an Elfa sale, but rather a marketing campaign geared towards Garage Organization Solutions.  
Tools List UPDATE! All installers should now carry a socket wrench set for gladiator product installs.
Here are some tips for hanging the Garage Ceiling Racks
  • First, locate all your joists and mark them.  
    • This is easier if the garage has an exposed ceiling, but if the joist are covered, use a stud finder
    • A laser can also help once the joist is located.
  • Next, hang the joist brackets (6 per system)  
  • Once the ceiling brackets are installed, build the rest of the rack on the ground level
  • The final step is to lift the rack and attach it to the mounting brackets.  
    • Use the bolts provided
    • TIP! Place a 6-8ft ladder underneath the middle of the rack for stability. It’s a bit awkward to hold otherwise due to its size
Another couple of important items that I find myself needing to address over and over with Installers and that makes a big difference in our delivery of excellence to our customer (TCS)
  • When you encounter missing or damaged products on any installation a phone call to TCS installation at (800) 317-9499 must be made. You can also reach TCS installation via email at
  • Call TCS as well for any Design/Measure Issue, Unexpected travel to the hardware store or TCS store (Trip Charge), Specific Customer request/change, Additional Service Add-on or correction (Demo/Paint/Trash, Etc…) as well as RRP Positive/RRP Protocols needed.
  • The best rule of thumb is if there's anything outside of the scope of work, or anything that will require action on the part of you, another installer, the customer, the store, the coordinator, or TCS to follow up, call TCS IS.
  • When taking photos, whether on a Measure, ISV or Install, get photos of the entire space. Each wall, floor to ceiling, and if it's Completion Photos, make sure you remove, ladders, tools, and trash from view.  
Business Updates for the Week
Last week Roger spoke about Penmarc seeing an uptick in installer injuries. We ask that all installers be safe at all times and follow safety protocols.
Remember the Safety Quiz and Participate to win prizes!!!
I really love how our Safety Team created the safety pledge around our core values.
Our Safety Pledge
In the Spirit of Excellence, I will cultivate safe work habits and safety-conscious behavior.
I will Do the Right Thing by alerting my Supervisor of any potential safety hazard.
I will put We Before Me by watching out for the safety of my coworkers
I will Innovate to Elevate by actively educating myself on safe work practices and making suggestions to improve our workplace safety.
I will show Grace through Generosity by providing aid & support to them if they become injured
Kudos from this past week
 Alex Leopold and Matt Walters (Subcontractors - Atlanta)
"Thank you all so much!  Alex and Matt are both amazing I know they did a great job of turning his frustration into future business with us." - TCS Customer Closets Manager
Vernon Combs (Subcontractor - WDC)
"I just wanted to give a shout-out to Vernon. He was a great installer and I was happy with his work and clean up efforts afterward." - TCS Customer sent via email

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