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Jonathan Ramsay, Installer


"I have been meaning to send this email for some time. Really enjoying my Elfa Pantry. Not sure how I have lived without it. Jonathan Ramsay is the best. He showed me how to utilize and how to move shelves around. He left my area very clean and removed the garbage. Great job!"


- The Container Store Customer
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Leadership Live: Goal Setting with Dr. Edward Fubara
In the first episode of 2022, we had the pleasure of being joined by Dr. Edward Fubara who discussed the ins and outs of Goal Setting.
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Penmarc Inspired Call – February 2, 2022
Andy Payne – Southeast Market Manager
Good day team!  This is Andy, market manager for the Southeast and today is February 2nd, 2022. We’ve already made it a full month into the new year as hard as that is to believe. I hope so far everyone is having a great 2022 and keeping on track with the goals or resolutions they’ve set for themselves this year. When we spoke last time, I talked to everyone about speaking with confidence when communicating with customers. Today I want to talk about something a bit different and that is how to be humble in our work we do daily. 
Humility is defined as “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people, a freedom from pride and arrogance”. Being humble, or exhibiting humility, truly embodies one of our five core values as a company – We Before Me. 
So why be humble in your work or have a “we before me” attitude? Well, studies have shown that a well-functioning company depends on employees who can work together for the good of the company as well as each other. Part of having a collaborative environment means having team members and leaders who are not only competent but humble as well. Humble employees help companies by innovating and expanding through a willingness to learn and work with others. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many employees and leaders who exhibited great humbleness in their daily interactions with others. They were always open to others' input and ideas on how to tackle situations or tasks. What came from that was a team who worked together for the benefit of everyone. I’ve also unfortunately worked with people who we’re the exact opposite of humble. They would operate with an arrogant attitude, learning nothing from others, and acting as though only their ideas or opinions matter. Sadly those individuals usually ended up isolated from the rest of the team and in the long run usually were met with failure. Being humble at work increases collaboration, allows team members to better provide support to one another, strengthens work relationships, and helps you build a reputation as someone who operates with integrity. 
So how can we be humble in our work?
The first step is realizing the areas we can improve in. Part of being humble is recognizing our weaknesses and areas in our work that need improvement. Realizing where you have areas of opportunity can allow you to work on a plan to improve and grow. Say for example you feel like you could benefit from being more Cruxos literate. Once you know this is an area you can improve on it can allow you to have the appropriate conversation with your market manager. Your market manager can help by providing you with the right training resources to expand your knowledge and allow you to be more proficient when using Cruxos. Without taking the crucial first step of realizing where you can improve, you can never gain access to the help and training you may be looking for.
Another thing to consider is don’t be afraid to accept constructive criticism. Remember that advice given by your fellow installers or market manager is never personal and really is meant to help in your development as an installer. When you exhibit humbleness and are open to feedback it motivates others to be more invested in your growth. 
Another tip is to be open to learning new things. Being humble means that you realize there may be better ways of doing things. When we interview for new installers this is always one of the things we’re looking for in a potential candidate. Having an open attitude shows that you’re willing to learn new approaches to problems or ways to be more efficient in the job you do. By putting your pride aside you’re able to show a willingness to learn.
Something else humble people do is seek out advice from more experienced coworkers. Your fellow installers, trainers, and market managers are a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Realizing the importance of these resources and utilizing them will only benefit you in the work you produce.
Another great point is to remember to listen! Being humble in your work means that you hear what others are saying and you treat it as important to you. By listening you gain insight and perspective into how others think and can often learn new valuable information from this. 
Lastly one of the greatest ways you can show humility in your work is by sharing what you know. Humble people share their knowledge to benefit those around them and to help constantly improve the team. They don’t horde knowledge but see it as a tool to pass on to others. By doing this it shows a commitment to the team and a commitment to the success of others. You may not see your knowledge as valuable but to someone new to the team it could mean the world to them. 
Remember at the end of the day humility isn’t a weakness but instead can be one of our greatest strengths. 
Business Update/Housekeeping
There are two weeks left of the Elfa Sale. Right now, many of you may have noticed that jobs have plateaued but we anticipate a strong finish to the Elfa sale which should carry a healthy number of jobs into early March. If you are wanting to stay busy in March and into April, and are willing to Travel, let us know. We have more than enough work (elfa, avera, and laren) in our San Francisco Market and we will pay your travel expenses if you're willing to go. 
We are also offering a $350 recruiting bonus to any installer who recruits a new Penmarc W2 and that new hire stays on for 30 days. This does not apply to SuperSubs who bring on their own team members. Here's the list of areas we are hiring:
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
San Diego, CA
Oxnard, CA
Nashville, TN


We are also hiring for Travel Installers that can be based in any Market but we prefer that they be in our east coast or Texas Markets
You can always visit our website for a hiring list of markets and positions.
Spirit of Excellence/Kudos
Before we get into the Spirit of Excellence mentions, which we have a lot this week!  I want you all to recognize that most of the positive feedback we get from customers are references to the basic things we should do on every job. They say, things like wow, they were ON TIME, or he cleaned up after himself, or she walked the system and showed me the features of my closet. These are basic things we should all be doing and clearly things that customer appreciates. 
Jonathan Ramsay (Subcontractor - Houston, TX)
"I have been meaning to send this email for some time. Really enjoying my Elfa Pantry.  Not sure how I have lived without it.Jonathan Ramsay is the best.  He showed me how to utilize and how to move shelves around.  He left my area very clean and removed the garbage. Great job!!" - TCS Store Forwarded Email from a Customer
Kris Turnbull (1099 - Atlanta)
Kris is no stranger to positive feedback, the latest message reads, "It’s as wonderful as we hoped for. Kris did a beautiful job with both the advice at measuring and the installation."TCS Store Forwarded Email from a Customer
Kaveh Mohseni (Subcontractor - Southern California)
"Kaveh did a great job!" - This feedback was a screenshot of a text message between the designer and the customer! Then emailed over to us. 
This is for both our Penmarc Coordinators and Payman Ghiasvand (Subcontractor - Southern California)
This customer had an overall good experience all around and we should recognize that the coordinators were a part of this as well! 
"The install yesterday was seamless, and I'm so happy and delighted with the finished product. it's just as I expected it would be based on the design consult and suits my needs/desire so far in every way. I really appreciate your help as well with the COI and the quick reschedule - doing stuff to my unit in my building has been challenging to navigate and this made for a good experience. Thanks again!TCS Store Forwarded Email from a Customer
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