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Artur Pjetergjoka, Installer


"Just wanted to let you know that the new closets are installed and look great. Very happy with them and with Artur, the man who did the work. Thank you for your help. So easy to work with you!"


- The Container Store Customer
Leadership Live: Goal Setting with Dr. Edward Fubara
For the inaugural episode of 2022, we had the pleasure of being joined by Dr. Edward Fubara who discussed the ins and outs of Goal Setting.
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Inspired Podcast Summary:


Penmarc Inspired Call – January 26th 2022


Bryan Smart – South Central Market Manager


Good afternoon, everyone! This is Bryan Smart again, Market Manager for our South-Central US teams and your favorite Inspired call host. The last time I spoke about challenging yourself to set some new Goals this year and gave you a few ideas to make a part of your daily routine. I hope that was helpful to you and that your off to a successful start in this new year. 


Today I hope to be able to pass along a few tips to help us all be more thorough installers and be able to provide your customers the best Customer Experience posiable. Last Week Roger Concha spoke on a topic of using proper floor protection while working in your customers space and gave us some tips on how to prevent floor damage. Today, I would like to expand on not just protecting the floors and property, but also Protecting yourself and your customer.


Often times we quickly jump into action on a job and forget some basic but important steps. Do you survey the area, lay down your floor protection before you even bring in tools? As an installer myself, I know it’s easy to jump right in and start demo. It doesn’t take long to build up excessive trash and debris. Nails and screws are easily scattered across the floor and if not addressed in a timely manner can be overlooked or forgotten. Nails sticking up from old wooden shelving and trim can also be very dangerous if left lying around and not properly addressed. We have had several instances lately where customers have complained that nails were not properly picked up and discarded resulting in injury to the customer. 


Here are a few good tips to be mindful of:


  • Start the clean-up process right from the very beginning of your install
  • For All installs, start staging your work area to include a large trash bag, rolled down and ready for use. 
  • Always use proper PPE, gloves and eye protection.
  • Try to discard all nails, old screws and shelving hardware immediately to the designated area that you established with the customer upon arrival. 
  • If this is an Elfa Job, the customer has been notified that we will need a place to discard the trash.
  • For all Laren / Avera Installs we are required to Haul away and remove all trash off site.
  • Pull nails from old shelving and/or properly turn down the nails so that no one gets injured. 
  • Be conscious not to drop debris, nails or screws while walking through the customer’s home. 
  • Communicate with your customer throughout the process – keeping it short and sweet. Professional. 


Business Update
The Elfa Sale is still keeping us extra busy with an average of over 150 new orders per day across the country. Many of you may be seeing some additional “pre pack” add on items to Elfa orders such as kitchen cabinet slides or over the door solutions that you may be asked to install as part of this sale. If ever in question, reach out to your market manager.


Elfa Tip: The new Elfa track covers require using heavy duty pair of sharp scissors to keep them from cracking. Also, it has been noted, do not install the track directly to the ceiling as you need at least ½” clearance to install the new top track covers that snap over the track. 


Laren Tip: When you have Fixed Lit Shelves behind Glass Doors – it is good practice to check your door hinge spacing before installing shelf heights so that he center door hinge will not interfere with the middle shelf behind the doors. 


Avera Tip: When standards are required to be cut down, it’s a general rule to cut from the top. Although there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the top and bottom, when the standard is cut, sometimes it extends different lengths from the top of the track to the top of the panel, which is why we always cut form the top. 


Measures and ISV’s Tip: use “ABC” cards in your space photos to identify the walls in the space. This simple step is very much appreciated by our client and therefore something that we all should now be doing. Also, Slow Down when taking measures and be neat and accurate. If you follow the measure sheets that Penmarc provides you with as a guide, you should not miss anything that is being requested for a design. Also, I can’t stress enough, lots of good pictures – and be careful to capture your entire measure sheet when adding to Cruxos, make sure that it is clear and legible. 


Tool Tip: Ensure yourtool kit is prepared for the unexpected!Such as Hammer drills and drill bits for masonry installs, First Aid supplies like Band-Aids for unexpected cuts! Keep in mind that if we show up unprepared for the work, we cannot rightfully bust the job. 


Speaking of busted jobs, you MUST contact TCS installations services and get their approval to leave a job site for a bust.  Additionally, you still need to fill out Cruxos Tasks (as many as possible) and place a summary for why a job was busted in the general notes. 


Also, walking each space with the customer at the conclusion of an install is required. It's important that you review the space and make sure they are aware of any outstanding issues. 


A customer signature in Cruxos always helps to show a satisfied customer. I understand Covid, but you can always ask.


We've been saying this less, and we hope one day not to have to say it again... Install Standard Covers 100 percent of the time if they are on the product list. 


Lastly, CLEAN UP the space and leave it better than you found it. Do not leave dust or trash in the space. You should always collect the trash, organize and place it where the customer asks you to. Always wipe down up baseboards, floors, and shelves with a damp cloth to remove dust created from track installation. 
Please follow these steps during any inclement weather.
  • Assess your situation at least 1 hour prior to the first start time.
  • If you feel you are unable to make your appointment on time or aren’t comfortable driving at all, please call the coordinators and/or your Market Manager at least one hour prior to the first start time.
  • If you feel you can make it to the job, but might just need some additional time or a later start time, please call the coordinators at least one hour prior to the first start time.
  • If you get out on the road and realize it’s unsafe, please call the coordinators as soon as it is safe to do so.


Spirit of Excellence Kudos
Artur Pjetergjoka (Pronounced: Sha-ta-joe-ka) (Penmarc W2 - Washington, DC)
"Just wanted to let you know that the new closets are installed and look great. Very happy with them and with Artur, the man who did the work. Thank you for your help. So easy to work with you!" - TCS customer sent in via a forwarded email from TCS


Steven Sigley (Subcontractor - Delaware) 
"Our install experience was exceptional. Steven was extremely courteous. He called to say when he would arrive and then was on time. Took his shoes off before coming in the house because it was wet and muddy out. Got right to work. Finished before he said he would. Closets look great. He showed me how to make any adjustments.  Package up all the trash into two piles — trash and recycling and left it neatly out of the way. Can’t say enough about the experience." - TCS customer sent in via a forwarded email from TCS
From the Penmarc Management Team, thank you All for representing the Excellence of Penmarc!


Bryan Smart
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