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That's a wrap!
As 2021 comes to an end, we'd like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, despite the many obstacles this year threw at us. Without your unwavering commitment to excellence, our family of companies would not have been able to reap the rewards of yet another successful year.
Wishing you all the best in 2022 and beyond!
News of the Day


  • If you are available to travel and assist in other markets please email
  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


Employee Spotlight!

Shout Out of the Week:

David Deaton, Installer


"Thank you to David, who partnered with us in the store and created a wonderful solution for the customer. We ended up reducing one section and removing another, and the customer was so happy. David is always great to work with and was able to quickly assess the angles in the closet and knew exactly what would work. With a few tweaks, we were able to make it work and the customer was so happy. Thanks for helping us make this customer's day!"


- The Container Store Representative
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The Inspired Podcast


Inspired Podcast Summary:


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – December 29, 2021
Lisa K. Orlando – Director of Field Operations


Hello everyone, and welcome to the last inspired call of 2021. We hope that you had a great Holiday with your friends and family and that each of you gets a chance to celebrate the upcoming new year’s responsibility.


The Elfa Sale is here! 
The Container Store’s Annual Elfa Sale kicked off last Wednesday, December 22 and we broke our one-day order volume record with a total of 641 orders! Over the course of the weekend, we ended with a total of 887 orders as of Sunday, Dec. 26 – 800 of which were elfa spaces installs! A congratulation is in order for our partners at TCS for doing a great job designing and selling these spaces and hats off to all of you for helping build reliability in the installation process that allows TCS to have the confidence to sell installation. 


As with all big promotions, the beginning starts with a big bang and the middle will be strong a steady, and the end will see a final spike. That said starting next week, we anticipate most markets will be pretty busy. So this week, make it a point to invest in what’s needed for the months ahead. Make sure you have plenty of sharp blades, cleaning materials, 20 min mud, flat white paint, face masks, and shoe booties.


Covid on the Rise
Speaking of stocking up on Face Masks, it’s clear that Covid and its many variants are seeing a significant rise in infections. I sent an email on Monday this week to all installers reminding each of you that Face Masks that cover your nose and mouth is required on all jobs. 


Because of the rise of infection, customers are a lot more sensitive about this so we ask that all installers place their masks on BEFORE you knock on the door. Remember, first impressions set the tone for the entire installation, so start off on the right foot. 


Also, invest in CDC suggested face masks and avoid gator covers, handkerchiefs, or homemade cloth masks. 


TCS has reminded us that they will remove installers from the schedule if they see an issue with someone not wearing masks. Let’s just do our part and not make this an issue at all. 


New Market News
We are officially up and running in our newest market, Northern California – the Greater San Francisco area! The entire Penmarc Team is hard at work getting to know this new market, and we know we need a lot of new installers in the San Jose and San Francisco proper areas. If you know anyone or are interested in transferring to this area, please let us know! 
Bi-Annual Shirts!
Heads-up that we will ship all installers additional Shirts by the end of January. If you’ve lost some weight or ate too much at Thanksgiving and need to update your shirt size, please email Erica or the coordinators. 
Business Update
For the Business Update this week, we are seeing continued backorder issues with Avera back panels clips and also some of the Elfa Décor items. TCS has also notified us that the new Top Track Covers in White are back-ordered as well. And whether an item is known to be backorder, missing, or damaged, ensure you contact TCS Installation Services to report any issue that will require a second visit and additional product sent to the customer.


Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos.


Answer “NO” to the question, “Is the installation 100% complete?” if you have any missing, back-ordered, or damaged products. 


Remember, all installers should be calling the Authorization Hotline for authorization on all ISVs. 
There’s been a lot in the news as of late regarding COVID-19. We ask that you stay up to date on the latest information and heed all CDC guidelines. As always, each installer should be in a mask during every installation. You should have your mask on when you knock on the door. We also ask that all of you stock up on shoe booties. We have heard a few more complaints than usual on installers not having these. 
Spirit of Excellences
We’ve continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS Customers. 


Pablo Sierra (Subcontractor – Philadelphia, PA)
“Wanted to send across photos from a garage install that Pablo did for [a customer] in Philly. She raved about him when he was onsite! …” – TCS Store Manager (via email direct to Penmarc)
David Deaton (W2 Installer – Atlanta, GA)
“I just wanted to send a big thank you for everyone assisting with this customer on Monday.  David the installer partnered with us in the store and created a wonderful solution for this customer.  We ended up reducing one section and removing one and the customer was so happy. David was is always great to work with and was able to quickly assess the angles in the closet and knew exactly what would work.  With a few tweaks, we were able to make it work and the customer was so happy. Thanks to all for helping us make this customers day!” – TCS Store Representative (via email direct to Penmarc)
That’s all for today everyone. 
Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up – stay the course and stay safe. 
Lisa Orlando - DFO
Inspired Podcast Questions:
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