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  • If you are available to travel and assist in other markets please email
  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


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Roger Concha, Southern California Market Manager

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Inspired Call 12/2/2021
Hello Team,
Hello, Penmarc Family My name is Roger Concha and I’m the Southern California Market Manager. I joined Penmarc in November of 2019. Before Penmarc, the majority of my experience came from upper management in big box retail stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. During my tenure in retail management, I was huge a proponent for delivering great customer service, which leads me to today’s Inspired call topic. Customer Service.
What is Customer Service?
Customer service is the act of supporting and advocating for customers in their discovery, use, optimization, and troubleshooting of a product or service. It's also the processes that support the teams making good customer service happen. The goal of customer service is to foster lasting customer relationships.


As an installer for Penmarc, you play a pivotal role in customer service. We (Penmarc) are essentially an extension of The Container Store, which strides in delivering top-notch customer service. Our customer service begins the moment we arrive at a customer’s home. And, what better way to start our customer service than arriving on time and prepared.
I did little research on customer service and incorporated my own thoughts and came up with 7 qualities that define stellar customer service.
7 Must-Have Qualities for Stellar Customer Service  
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The number one skill you need to excel in customer service is problem-solving. Ex: The ability to adapt in any situation whether it be design issues, missing products, additional demo, wrong address. Knowing who to call how for guidance, adjusting on the spot are all examples of troubleshooting.
  • Clear Communication: Ex: Being able to communicate clearly and precisely with customers, TCS staff, and Penmarc coordinators via phone or e-mail. Explaining to customers the scope of your particular install Is a great building block for rapport and gains customer confidence through communication.
  • Friendly Attitude: Ex: Building good rapport with Customers, TCS staff, and Penmarc coordinators. I’m a firm believer in treating others the way you would like to be treated. Building meaningful relationships with your fellow staff allows for a more pleasant work environment.
  • Empathy: Ex: Listening to the customers and validating their concerns and answering their questions. Customers can be very indecisive with their closets and they look to us for guidance as they deem us the professionals in this field. Lending our expertise resonates very well with customers.
  • Business Acumen: Ex: Demonstrating knowledge of the business as a whole, From design production to installation. Being able to grow and speak confidently about our process allows developing stronger business acumen in this field.
  • Product/Service Knowledge: Ex. Exhibiting proficiency in product knowledge and installation. Take pride in knowing the products we install and being able to communicate that to our customer base. Another great example would be advising TCS on potential adjustments to designs to make the solutions effective for our customers.
  • Strong Time Management: Ex: Demonstrating the ability to deliver quality results in an efficient time. Just to reiterate a previous point but what better way to exhibit time strong time management than by being punctual. Planning ahead, anticipating traffic patterns, looking at plans ahead of time are all beneficial in building strong time management habits.
Business Update
For the Business Update this week, I want to share that the Avera Sale has been extended until Dec 20th for customers who had a design in the process during sale dates.
Mark Dec 22nd on your calendar as it is the day that the Elfa sale begins. Please anticipate a busier schedule going forward until the sale commences on Feb 13th.
Housekeeping Topics:
Just a reminder: All installers are expected to wear face coverings from the initial approach to the customer’s residence. Just to provide some clarity, face coverings are expected to be worn before the initial introduction to the customer. Another topic that has come to light recently is installer preparedness. Please ensure you are reviewing your jobs the day before to ensure the proper tools are readily available for the tasks at hand.
Inspired Podcast Questions:
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