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  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


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Shout Out of the Week:

Edo Kabamba, Subcontractor


"Our customer's wife came in today to return the leftover hardware and RAVED about her installer, Edo. They both are in love with their new shared closet and were so pleased with Edo's work. She was so happy that I had to pass the praise along."


- The Container Store Representative
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The Inspired Podcast


Inspired Podcast Summary:


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – November 17, 2021
Lisa K. Orlando – Director of Field Operations


Good day everyone! 


Today I have just a quick call. There’s not a lot of new headlines for this week as we hit the middle of the Avera sale. 


I do have a teaser headline… Task Updates are coming! We are working on a series of task updates in Cruxos to help all installers and us here at the office get better and more accurate information for each kind of job. We are looking to trim the tasks lists down; however, that may not be possible for all job types. Regardless, we do hope these updates will benefit you, the office and our clients. 


Once we have more information, we will certainly provide more details. 


Business Update
The business update is really the same as last week. The Container Store’s Avera Promotion is in full swing. We are seeing a significant increase in ISV orders so we ask that each of you be as detailed as possible on each ISV job. We’ve had unbillable several return visits due to missing information, incorrect measurements, or lack of detail. 


I implore all of you to look at the designs under Job plans for every ISV. The plans will help you identify the areas that need scrutiny. Measure twice! And ensure for Avera measures you are measuring in Millimeters NOT converting from inches to MM. 
Remember, all installers should be calling for authorization on ISVs. 


Be sure to Call TCS installation services when you have Missing, Damaged or Backordered product. 


Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos.


Answer “NO” to the question, “Is the installation 100% complete?” if you have any missing, backordered, or damaged products. 
For Safety this week my message is stay healthy and take care of your phones! We have seen a rise in call outs due to illness and inoperable phones.


Take your vitamins and wear your mask when indoors around others you do not normally come in contact with. Of course, you should always be wearing your mask, regardless of vaccination status, when in a customer’s home. 


Phones! We know it is not reasonable for everyone to have two phones. But I would advise each of you to ensure that your phone is not the only piece of technology you have. You should have a second phone (and old phone maybe), a tablet or a home computer that can connect to wifi and communicate with your family and work in situation that your phone breaks. Keep in mind that right now you can find good deals on computers and tablets, etc… but just like most things these days, there is a delay to get products. So you don’t have a back up, think about investing now before we hit super bowl time, aka the Annual Elfa Sale. 
Spirit of Excellences
We’ve continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS Customers. 


Gary LaMonaco (Subcontractor – Washington DC)
Good afternoon Installation Partners -
As a shared CSD resource with GTX, I have the privilege of working with our customers all over the country.  I received a call this afternoon from customer Pam Stone Verick (Order #1084673278). She and her husband just had a wonderful experience with installer Gary LaMonaco. Gary called ahead of schedule and was able to come complete the project in no time this afternoon. They are thrilled!  The Vericks will be doing another space with me for the sale in December. They are requesting Gary for that project as well as a future service order call for replacement parts from a previous installation. Thank you for ensuring such a positive experience for our customer, Gary!  They’ll be back to do more spaces, and a big part of that is the service they received from you today.” – TCS Design Specialist (via email direct to Penmarc)
Edo Kabamba (Subcontractor – Washington DC)
"Our customer's wife came in today to return the leftover hardware and RAVED about her installer, Edo. They both are in love with their new shared closet and were so pleased with Edo's work. She was so happy that I had to pass the praise along." – TCS Store Representative (via email direct to Penmarc)
Edmond Avanos (Subcontractor – Los Angeles, CA)
"I wanted you to know that Edmond, the installer was here at 8am [and was] terrific. I have told everyone I can that this has been the best retail experience. Thank you so much for wonderful, knowledgeable service" – TCS Customer (Via forwarded email from TCS)
That’s all for today everyone.


Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up – stay the course and stay safe. 
Lisa Orlando - DFO
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