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  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


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Josh Jackson, Installer
Brian Quinn, Installer


"The installation team did an amazing job, they really went above and beyond getting the closets installed when it turned out there were some issues with the dimensions."


The Container Store Customer
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Inspired Podcast Summary:


Penmarc Inspired Podcast – November 10, 2021
Lisa K. Orlando – Director of Field Operations


Good day everyone!
We made an announcement about NEW Elfa products last month and we know that the new Top Tracks and Standards are starting to trickle into your installs. I also sent an email out to all installers last week with a list of the new products AND everyone should have received a phone call or text message from your market manager this week directing you to review the emails. If you have not reviewed the email and the attachment ensure you do so soon. 


Why it is so important to review, because we do not want these items to show up on an install and you to act surprised, shocked, or uninformed about the parts. For most customers, they will not even know that there is something different and we do not want to give customers a negative impression.


We here at Penmarc did not see the new Elfa parts prior to the rollout. We knew from conversations with TCS that the items were engineered to use less steel. So yes, we have heard from many of you that the tracks and standards are lighter and thinner. However, have consistently reassure us that structural integrity of the system remains the same. So I want to be clear, at no point you should ever lead the customer to believe that the new parts are inferior to the old parts. 


But with anything new, there are bound to be challenges. And we do want your feedback about any challenges you come across. For example, we have heard that it may not work to mix new and old Standards on an old Track. We know that the old Top Track Covers will not work with the new Top Tracks. And because TCS still needs to work through the old product there is bound to be a mix of old and new for several months to come. Continue to connect with TCS Installation Services while on the job site if you run into challenges and make a partner with your Market Manager to help bubble up installation concerns. 


Business Update
The Container Store’s Avera Promotion is in full swing. We are seeing a significant increase in ISV orders so we ask that each of you be as detailed as possible on each ISV job. We’ve had unbillable several return visits due to missing information, incorrect measurements, or lack of detail. 


Remember, all installers should be calling for authorization on ISVs. 


Be sure to Call TCS installation services when you have Missing, Damaged or Backordered product. 


Document all missing and damaged items in Cruxos


Answer “NO” to the question, “Is the installation 100% complete?” if you have any missing, back ordered, or damaged products. 
Thanks to those installers who have been taking the safety quizzes! The safety quiz should be in your inbox so give it try! Remember, taking the quiz enters you into a drawing for free Penmarc Swag! 
Spirit of Excellences
We’ve continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS Customers. 


Josh Jackson and Brian Quinn (W2 – Raleigh, NC) 
The installation team did an amazing job, they really went above and beyond getting the closets installed when it turned out there were some issues with the dimensions.” – TCS Customer (via email direct to Coordinators)


Joe Philips (Subcontractor – Houston, TX)
“Hello, this job is now completed and the installer Joe Phillips did a truly outstanding job. He is a true pro, super competent, finds solutions and workarounds on the spot, courteous, punctual. He worked super hard over two days to finish this job, even making a trip to the Container Store to pick up parts. I am extremely happy with this job. I thought I should let someone know.” – TCS Customer (via email direct to Coordinators)


Kaveh Mohseni (Subcontractor – Los Angeles, CA)
“I just wanted to say how much we appreciate Kaveh’s clear, clean dimensions for two of the Avera closets we have gotten ISVs from this week. I am working on James Bender’s closet (SID 6575822) and it couldn’t be clearer.  On top of the meticulous drawing, I particularly appreciate how he puts the ceiling height, door height, really everything we need all on one page. Often there is confusion about which space is being referenced when the ceiling height and door height/width is on the cover sheet. I know there is a lot expected from our installers, and I wanted to take the time to say how much we appreciate Kaveh’s work.” – TCS In-Home Design Specialist


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