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ATTENTION TEAM: Please download the NEW Measurement and ISV Form.
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  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


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Kris Turnbull, Installer


Kris is awesome! And you helped me greatly to increase the efficiency of the space. Please tell your manager I asked for this email to be forwarded to compliment both you and Kris.


TCS Customer


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Inspired Call Summary




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Inspired Summary:


Penmarc Inspired Podcast - October 27, 2021
Lisa K. Orlando – Director of Field Operations


Good day everyone!
Halloween is just a few days away and we here at Penmarc are enjoying a pumpkin carving contest! I hope that each of you gets to enjoy the Halloween traditions on Sunday with your family and friends. 
I have an important update this week regarding the process for Measure and ISV Authorizations. Please note that you should each receive a follow-up call or text message from your Market Manager regarding the changes. 
Effective this Friday, October 29, 2021 Installers will no longer be required to call for Authorization for an Elfa MeasureAll Installers will continue to call for Authorization for ISVs. At this time, installers should continue to use the Authorization Hotline for ISVs: (844) 736 – 6272 or (844) PEN - MARC
There are some exceptions:
New Installers (Subcontractors and W2s) will call for all Measure Authorizations until given the “all clear” by their Market Manager.
A Market Manager may ask any Subcontractor or W2 that needs additional guidance/coaching with Elfa Measures to continue to call for Authorization until the Market Manager sees fit. 
The second update is a NEW Measure/ISV sheet. I will send an email to all installers with the new sheet; however, there will also be a link to the new sheet with the Wednesday Inspired Newsletter from Marketing. We know that many of you have stock printed the old version and you can continue to use what you have on-hand, but we ask that you update to the new version as soon as possible. 
The new Measure Sheets Consist of two pages, just like we have today, however, the Space Information has been moved to the main measure sheet. This means that the Cover Sheet will only need to be filled out ONCE per Measure job and can be placed with the Space 1 Measure Sheets Photos Task. 
I encourage each installer to carry a pad of plain grid paper so that you can use that for additional Elevation Drawings needed for a space. Every Page should ALWAYS consist of the customer’s name and Space Name. 
The new Measure is designed with “Authorization” in mind. In other words, if you fill out every part of both sheets, and follow the “Checklist” on the cover sheet, you will capture all that is required for a measure. That said, no one can walk behind you and double-check your actual measurements, so ensure that you measure twice (or three times) and place the correct measurements on your drawings. 
The email with the new Measure sheets will include our Measure/ISV training guide. I ask that everyone take the time to read through it, comprehend the content and reach out to your Market Manager with any questions.
It goes without saying, but Measures and ISVs are so very important to get right on the first try. So while we are lifting elfa Measure Authorization requirements now, we will put them right back in place if we see a significant increase in complaints from our client regarding incorrect measurements and missing information. We will also continue to send installers back to ISV and Measures, unpaid if there are mistakes. 
Here are some addition TIPs to remember: 
REMEMBERThe Cruxos app questions are used internally by Penmarc to collect data, and TCS only uses the information provided on the uploaded Measure Sheets. This means that any information you deem necessary for the designer and TCSIS to know, you must document it on the measure sheets. This included your assumptions! For example, If you assume it’s obvious that the light fixture isn’t in the way, trust me, it’s not obvious. 
Photos, photos and more photos…did I mention photos?
Photos tell the story of the space, so do not skimp on taking photos. 
  • Each space should have pictures of all four (or more) walls. 
  • Photos should include the ceiling and the floor.
  • Seek additional photos for anything unusual or interesting about the space such as slanted ceilings, odd obstructions or wall type particulars. 
  • Photos should be clear and free from as many objects as possible such as ladders and tools.
  • Ensure all obstructions such as switches, outlets and light fixtures are represented in the photos.
USE ABC Wall Cards! We have seen a huge difference and received many accolades from designers for the installers that are using them. ABC cards are a very handy and can be as simple as index cards with big bold Letters (in sharpie) A, B, C, D, etc… and lay them out on the floor in front of each wall. This way when you’re taking photos, there’s a very easy visual guide to which wall the picture references. 
Business Update
The Elfa promotion ended on October 17, and we are coming up on an Avera promotion starting Friday, October 29. 
The last Avera promotion was a big success, but faced many supply chain issues causing installations to be pushed back. TCS has assured us that they are in a good stock position for this Avera promotion. So if you are an Avera Installer, eat your Wheaties and get ready to make money! 
For those of you who only install Elfa systems, note that you will likely see a slow down as we head towards the end of October and into November. There’s a dip in Elfa between promotions and especially before the Annual Sale which will start in mid-December. 
Thanks to those installers who have been taking the safety quizzes! The safety quiz should be in your inbox so give it try! Remember, taking the quiz enters you into a drawing for free Penmarc Swag! 
Spirit of Excellences
We’ve continued to get positive feedback from TCS and TCS Customers. This week we have two installers to shout out:
Andre Rashti (Subcontractor – Southern California)
We received a Voice Mail Message from a customer who said she has an Elfa install from Andre who was “…excellent and did a really great job!” Yay Andre! 
Kris Turnbull (Subcontractor – Atlanta, GA)
TCS forwarded an email from a customer who said, 
Kris is awesome! And you helped me greatly to increase the efficiency of the space. Please tell your manager I asked for this email to be forwarded to compliment both you and Kris (our installer).” High Five Kris!  
Stay the course, stay safe and stay in touch. Thanks. 


Inspired Call Questions:
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Measurement and ISV



Download the Measurement and ISV Form below.
View the Measurement and ISV Form on Cruxos --> Click Here
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