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July is almost over...don't forget to take the safety quiz! This month's topic is Back Safety and Slips, Trips & Falls.
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Trace Anderson, Installer
"Trace did a fabulous job, please give him kudos for his professionalism and his excellent customer service. So happy with my closet!"
The Container Store Customer


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Hello Installers, Lisa Orlando Director of Field Operations here - welcome to the weekly inspired call; today is Tuesday, July 27, 2021.
We are reaching the backside of summer and summer usually means vacations and spending time with friends and family. I know I just returned from vacation myself, and I encourage each of you, if you haven't already, to get some rest and relaxation so that you can recharge your batteries.
As with any time off, we do ask that you provide at minimum 2 weeks advance notice.  As you know, this job is schedule-driven, and business is still very steady in most markets, so any availability is likely to be gobbled up quickly. 
Furthermore, traveling and getting together with groups also means you need to take the proper precautions due to the pandemic. If you are not already vaccinated against COVID, we highly encourage each of you to get vaccinated. We have seen an uptick in call-outs due to illness, and if you present any COVID symptoms, you will be required to show a negative COVID test before returning to work. And if you contract COVID you will be taken off the schedule for 10 - 14 days, and you will need to provide a negative COVID test before returning to work. 
Business Update
The last couple of weeks, we have also talked about how TCS's closet business continues to do very well in many of our markets. However, due to supply and labor issues, TCS has had to reschedule the majority of installations for both Avera and Laren systems. We have seen a flood of Avera reschedules into September, and now we are starting to see the same trend with Laren installs moving to September and October as well. 
This means we need each of you to be flexible. Your schedules may have more movement than usual and our team is doing their very best to manage what really is a chaotic and time-consuming situation. 
This past month's safety quiz winner was Brandon Bass, Installer in North Houston. Congratulations Brandon!
Always keep Safety top of mind! This month we're focused on Safe lifting practices. 
  • Before you lift something, you should always test to see how heavy it is by pushing it with your feet or hands.
  • If you want to lift something from the floor, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees and squat until you are level with the object, then use your leg muscles to raise yourself up.
  • If you're picking up something small and light from the floor, do not simply bend over at the waist and pick it up.
  • You should always follow the same safe lifting rules when setting something down.
  • Back belts aren't a substitute for proper lifting technique, and though they may seem to provide back support, recent studies have shown that the back belts don't reduce the possibility of injury while lifting. One study in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed workers compensation claims and back pain complaints among more than 6,300 retail and supermarket employees. Researchers found no difference in claims or disability between employees who wore back belts and those who did not.
Spirit of Excellence!
A few Kudos we've received from happy closet customers last week:
Clint Dalke (North Houston): 
  • "…Clinton was incredible – great experience." – TCS Customer
Trace Anderson (Austin, TX) received TWO Kudos in one week! 
  • "I just want to say that Trace did an excellent job, had excellent customer service, and I greatly appreciate it." – TCS Customer
  • "Trace did a fabulous job, please give him kudos for his professionalism and his excellent customer service. So happy with my closet!" – TCS Customer
We are hiring in Target Markets!
Even outside of the increase in Avera we continue to trend up over LY for installs, especially in targeted markets. As we mentioned before, we've also brought on new clients outside of TCS in our North Carolina markets. All of this means we need more installers in a handful of markets. The markets with the greatest need are: 
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Richmond, VA
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Greater Philadelphia, PA area including north Delaware
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Travel Installers based in South Texas or North Carolina or the Greater DC area.
If you know someone in any of these areas that you think would be a good fit, let us know! To sweeten the pot a little, if you successfully recruit a new installer (1099 or W2) that stays on for at least 90 days, there will be some free swag and cool new tool in for you. If you know someone or have someone you think we should contact, connect with your market manager or me. 
Contact TCS Installation Services while you're still on-site for any service issues you encounter. 
Also, if you contact the coordinators and do not get through, please a voicemail for a callback. 
Thank you all for your efforts each day! Keep it up – stay the course and stay safe. 
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