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Hey, folks! Tarence E. Lauchie made a return appearance on Leadership Live this morning.
To kick off Quarter 3, Tarence discussed how to effectively practice professionalism in the workplace.
If you missed the live presentation, click the link below to watch the recording!


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Shout Outs of the Week:

Clinton Dalke, Installer
"Thank you! Clinton was incredible - great experience.
Houston, TX Market Customer


Trace Anderson, Installer
"Thanks so much. I just want to say that Trace did an excellent job, had excellent customer service, and I greatly appreciate it."
Austin, TX Market Customer


Safety Tips for Using Ladders

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Inspired Call Notes:
Hi everyone!  Kelly Beard, Director of Office Operations here at Penmarc.  Welcome to this week’s Inspired Call – Tuesday, July 20th, 2021.


I know you all enjoyed hearing from Kevin Curry last week. He had lots of great updates on the business and volume we’ve been seeing with The Container Store! As he mentioned we received over 800 new orders during the last week of the “elfa for the WIN” promotion and over 3,000 orders during the whole promotion! Penmarc has never seen a summer this busy and we’re seeing installers and markets booked out several weeks!

Please continue to review your schedules daily and for the next week out. Please make sure the plans, installer notes, and the allotted time scheduled all match up. If you see any issues, please reach out to the coordinating team to review. The sooner we know of potential problems or scheduling issues, the better chance we have of doing something about it!


We are also still feeling the Avera sale volume. Kevin mentioned the back-ordered product pushing jobs farther & farther out last week. We are receiving notifications daily that upcoming Avera jobs need to be rescheduled due to a back-ordered product.  We’re working to get those rescheduled into late August, early September….so please also remember to check Cruxos for any upcoming vacation or time off requests as you may already be booked with Avera & Laren jobs!


Split Orders:
We’ve noticed an increase in what we call Split Orders lately!  So I wanted to take a moment to go over what to do when you are unable to start the install of one or more spaces on a multi-space order.  Some reasons for this might be because:
     - The customer no longer wants that space installed or isn’t ready yet
     - The space needs a redesign
     - The customer ended up self installing
     - Missing/Damaged product enough so that you are unable to start the space


Again, this is in reference to not starting an entire space….which is not if you are able to install top track or start demo….just if you are not touching anything in this particular space.


Step 1: Please call TCS - Installation Services – they must note the order – they will be the ones to reach out to the customer to discuss refunds, redesigns, ordering product, etc. You should not be requesting a service order if you are unable to start a space.  TCS will start the process of actually splitting the order. So if there were 5 spaces and you can’t install 1, they will cancel the order, create a new order for 4 spaces, and a 2nd order for the 1 space if the customer still wants it installed in the future. The coordinators will schedule that order once everything is ready.


Step 2: if you are unable to reach Installation Services, you must call your coordinator.  They will take all of the applicable information and get in touch with TCS for you.


Step 3: Note all of this in Cruxos
     - Did you complete the install = NO
     - Please do not complete tasks for the space in question. 
     - In the general section – add any applicable notes about why you are unable to              start the space.
     - Did you call TCS = YES 
            - Fill out who you spoke with and the resolution, i.e. is TCS splitting the order,                 are they ordering product or doing a redesign?  Is the customer returning the                 product to TCS…..anything you think might be applicable or that was                             discussed, please list in the tasks.


Step 4: if you are unsure about any of these or feel you are unable to convey all the information about a job or space, please call the coordinators!  We will help make sure everything is documented and updated properly!
Another reminder this week that TCS and Penmarc continue to require masks be worn inside customer’s homes.


We are continuing to hire in a lot of our markets! If you know anyone that might be a good fit, please let us know! We are giving away from free swag & tools to any referrals on their 90 day anniversary! 


If there are any topics you would like to hear more about or have any questions for us, please let your market manager know!  We would love to hear from you!


We hope everyone continues to stay cool and healthy and safe!  We appreciate all you do!
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