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Scott Ramsay, Austin Market Installer



"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our Laren closet, it was everything we dreamt of!”
From: Austin, TX- The Container Store Customer



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Happy Tuesday! 
Welcome to the Inspired Call, can you believe that we are halfway through the year and before we know it 2021 will be over and we will be starting 2022! Time has definitely been flying by and so many exciting things have happened this year, I don’t know about you but I am excited for the great things we have in store for the remainder of the year and can’t wait for them to happen.
Last week we had the pleasure of hearing from Lisa as she discussed the benefits of Planning vs Procrastination which happens to be one of my favorite topics and even introduced our New Measurement Authorization Hotline Telephone number that we hope each of you is just as excited about it as we are!!! if you missed the call make sure you listen to the recording that was sent out!!!
We have a few items of housekeeping and News for the Field to share with you today.
TCS has begun a new sale that started here this week. The Elfa For The Win sale offers a graduating discount based on the number of solutions sold. 
What is considered a "solution"? There are a few different types that fall into these categories: Elfa Grab & Go Solutions, Elfa Online Kit, or a custom-designed Elfa space. A customer can buy one of each or even three of the same kind of solutions to qualify for the sale. Customers can purchase installation with these solutions which means Installers will likely see more boxed solutions (or "kits") such as start-a-stack drawer units, door and wall rack solutions, pull-out cabinet solutions, and more in their scope of work.


One thing to keep in mind is that some items may not have a design! Therefore, be sure to review the SKU list! The SKU list attached to the design should include all items you're expected to install. If you're unsure about your scope of work, connect with the Coordinating team or your Market Manager.
Holiday Time off- remember to send your upcoming time off to your Coordinators we are booking out in some markets 3-4 weeks in advance with very little wiggle room for cancellations and adjustments to be made- so the earlier we know of time off the better. 
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