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This month's Leadership Live was another success, with over 60 participants in attendance yesterday! Dr. Laura Lunsford joined us to discuss wellness and even gave us some pointers on nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Didn't make it? Watch the recording at the link below. 
As a reminder, if you did not attend the live webinar, please watch the video and answer the three questions at the end. 
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Hey, field employees...the Safety Awareness Quiz is up and running for the month of May!
This time around, the safety topic is Back Safety and Slips, Trips & Falls.
And don't forget: Participants who submit correct answers will be entered into a quarterly raffle to win company SWAG! 

Employee Spotlight of The Week!

Shout out of the Week:

Matt Walters,  Atlanta Market

“Matt did a fantastic job on our closet install, it is simply amazing. He did the job elegantly and went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.”


- The Container Store Atlanta Customer   

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Hi everyone and welcome to the call today, Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Our topic today is Spirit of Excellence.  It’s one of Penmarc & Rosewood’s Core Values.  We define it as Doing the best you can every day, working with a purpose, and treating others with respect. 
I think one of the ways Penmarc exemplifies the Spirit of Excellence is through our communication.


When you enter the customer’s home, having that first conversation is crucial.  Just letting them know:
         - Who you are
         - What you’re there to do
         - Your process and plans for the day


Sets the tone for your appointment.  Talking to them will allow them to get to know you a bit, feel some confidence and ease with you in their home and it also allows you to set the expectations of how the day will go.  It might be your 15th install that week and your 100th this year but it might be that customer’s first and only closet installation.  They might not have any idea what to expect.  I think when people are informed and feel part of the process, they are generally much more trustful, at ease and happy with the end product.
Completing your tasks in Cruxos real time is another way you communicate with Penmarc and TCS and help show our Spirit of Excellence. 


Clocking in and then completing your first arrival tasks let’s the coordinators and TCS know that you have arrived on site on time.


If there are issues, your tasks & pictures are helpful to your market manager to troubleshoot solutions


TCS and Penmarc getting the completion photos and system is 100% complete task also triggers the billing team to invoice TCS and calculate your pay quickly and accurately.
We also stress communication around design and product issues all the time.  It’s so important to take a full inventory and measure for the design as soon as you get into the space.  Updating your tasks as well as calling into TCS to update them on any issues, allowing them as much lead time as possible to check inventory, order product as needed, or create an order for a future appointment.  It also helps Coordinators & your Market Manager assess the need for future services or address concerns from the customer and TCS.
It’s also important to involve the customer in any unexpected damages or changes.  Hopefully, it’s rare but in construction and installations, we’re bound to bang into some walls, damage a floor, dent a dryer, drill through a pipe, back into a mailbox!  It’s unfortunate when it happens but it’s why we all have insurance.  If you are unsure how to proceed or exactly what to say to the customer, take a moment and call your market manager.  Make sure you’ve taken some pictures of the damage.  Your market manager can coach you on exactly what to say and get the ball rolling to quickly and effectively help correct any issues for the customer.  Being fully transparent with the customer as soon as possible is the first step in making it right for the customer and continuing to instill confidence in you, Penmarc & TCS.
So once you’ve completed the spaces, cleaned up your tools and area, it’s time for the final walk-through with the customer!  It’s our last chance to make a good impression and also ensure the customer is happy with their space. Showing the customer your handy work and precision, all of the features in the space, making sure they’re happy with the locations and functions of all the components.It gives you the opportunity to make any quick adjustments that might save a service order or complaint down the road.  It’s also a great time to discuss any missing or damaged product!  Letting the customer know what’s been done and what they can expect.
I think the most obvious way you all show your Spirit of Excellence is by doing what you’re all so good at and that’s building beautiful closets for our clients.  Hopefully, these have been a few more tips or ways you can also show your Spirit of Excellence.
Housekeeping Topics:
Don’t forget that Memorial Day is quickly approaching!  Monday, May 31st.  A little less than 2 weeks away.  We are open and installing like normal that day.  If you have not already let us know about any availability changes that day, we will be scheduling jobs and may already have some booked.


Please also continue to make sure you’re staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen as we continue into these hotter months!


Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week!



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