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Shout out of the Week:

Scott Murray,  Atlanta Market

“Scott did a fantastic job on our closet install it is simply amazing, he did the job elegantly and went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect!"


- The Container Store Atlanta Customer   


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End of the Month Recap- News from the Field!


There’s always a lot of questions about this and so I thought I’d take a few minutes to let you know what the process should look like!


When the coordinators review the order - they are looking to see if TCS has noted any existing conditions.
  • If we see Bare Walls, you will see Demo NO in your notes to the installer.
  • If there is a standard demo, you will see Demo Standard.  We will attempt to verify with the customer if they are wood or wire
  • If there is an additional demo – the coordinators will check to make sure TCS has already calculated & collected the fees from the customer.  Coordinators will try to verify exactly what is existing and schedule additional time.  You will also see in the notes that the fees have been collected.
  • We will include any pictures in the files as well as any additional information in notes to installers.
Please make sure you are reviewing notes & plans the day before.  If you have any concerns about the time we’ve allowed or questions about what’s needed, call the coordinators!
If you get on-site and realize the existing conditions do not match your notes, please call TCS Installation Services before you start any work.  Their number is 800-317-9499.  They need to approve any additional demo or services before you start the work to ensure we are able to compensate you for your time.  
The same goes if the customer is asking you to do something outside of your normal scope of work or what’s in your notes.  Trash haul away, full paint.
You don’t need to discuss the fees or costs with the customer.  TCS will handle all of that, directly with the customer.  
  • You are just calling TCS to update them on your new scope of work.
  • In your tasks, please make sure you are answering that you called TCS, note who you spoke with, what was approved, etc.  The more information we have, the more accurately we can compensate you.
  • If you are unable to reach TCS, please call your coordinator and they will relay all of that information to TCS.
Make sure you are always checking the calendar view of your schedule in Cruxos and be sure to hover over each job to see the information. Never assume you’re assigned each day to a multi-day job. In some cases, you may only be assigned for one day and have other job assignments throughout the week.
Here are a few common RED FLAGS you might see during your installation:  The design doesn’t fit, there is an obstruction that is not on design, missing or incorrect product.  When you come across these or any additional red flags STOP!  Make sure you partner with someone if you are unsure of how to proceed.  Market Managers are your best resource for Field Questions that occur throughout the day.  
As a reminder, we should be using Floor Protection at all times when installing in a customer’s home. Protective items such as moving blankets, canvas drop cloths, or plastic lining should be used to protect the floors and walls as well as special or fragile items near where installation is occurring. Please always be mindful that you are in someone else’s space and protect it as if it was your own.
We continue to see photo upload issues. Ensure you are taking all photos with your phone's camera app and not the camera feature within Cruxos. This will ensure you have a saved copy of the photo even the photo upload isn't successful.
Check your email twice a day, once in the morning before heading to your first job and in the evening, and please respond in a timely manner to all Penmarc email correspondence.
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