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Dress Code:

  • Collared or Penmarc issued shirts only. Must be kept tucked into pants. A belt should be worn.
  • No shorts or Capri pants of any kind. Only full-length, solid color pants are permitted. No baggy or sagging clothing. No holes or tears.
  • Comfortable, relaxed closed-toe shoes -  Steel Toe Shoes required on B2B jobs
  • Cover all tattoos except those deemed by management not containing any obscene or offensive material (profanity, gang signs, etc.)
  • Piercings: Remove all facial piercings while working (nose rings, brow piercings, etc.)
  • Gauge earrings are not allowed unless they are replaced with flesh-colored solid blanks
- Large hoop and long hanging earrings are not allowed
- Only one earring is allowed on each lobe
- No tongue piercings are allowed to be worn while working
  • Hair including facial hair should be kept neat, clean, and well-trimmed for an overall tidy appearance
  • iPods or any other musical devices are not allowed to be worn or used during work hours – this also includes Bluetooth phone devices
  • Hats must be company issued with the brim facing forward 

Employee Spotlight of The Week!

Aka Ehui, DC Market Installer



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Inspired Call Summary




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We are excited to have everyone join us today! We had the privilege last week of having Kelly discuss the importance of Doing the Right Thing and how it relates to the Customer Service we provide each day! Our Core Values are always at the forefront of what we do, and Kelly really hit home with it last week.  


This week we wanted to discuss a question we get asked all the time:  “What is the difference between clocking-in and adding arrival time in the task questions?”  


It’s essential to clock in and out of each Job as well as add your Arrival and Departure time in the Cruxos Progress Tracker. Installers should clock-in at the arrival at Job 1, or during long travel times to Job 1 (once they hit 30+ miles). Installers should clock-out of Job 1 once they are in their vehicle and ready to depart the job site. If there is an additional job after Job 1, installers should clock-in at the beginning of their travel to Job 2.  


It’s essential that you clock-out of the current Job before clocking-in to the next Job. 
Because Travel time can be considered working hours, clocking-in does not give an accurate representation of if an installer has begun work on a job site.  Adding your arrival time in Cruxos is critical for Market Managers, Coordinators, and others to know that you have started work at the job site.  Arrival time also provides accurate documentation should the job start time be called into question at a later date.


Dress Code:  
Let’s talk a little about our Company Brand and how it relates to our Dress Code.  One thing that has always set Penmarc aside from our competitors is our dress code.  This exemplifies our professionalism by being in uniform. Every installer is issued a Penmarc Collared Shirt as well as a Penmarc t-shirt for you to wear each day.  As part of our brand, ALL Installers are required to wear full-length solid color pants- shorts or capri pants of any kind are not permitted. We understand that it is getting warmer and in certain markets wearing full-length pants could be a problem. Please understand that this is our brand and as a Penmarc Installer you represent our brand each and every day!  


In the Inspired Insider that goes out tomorrow, we will include detailed information pertaining to this dress code as well as information about our SWAG offerings where you can purchase additional T-shirts as well as other Penmarc Branded items. If you have any question’s feel free to reach out to your Market Manager.


Now onto some great Housekeeping for the week!  
  • Upcoming Holiday Hours: As a reminder, Penmarc Offices will be closed NEXT Friday for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We will have limited coordinators working on Friday and Saturday to handle all normal operations, any questions please contact your coordinator directly.  
  • Let’s talk about additional mileage- if you notice or feel there is an additional mileage discrepancy on a job, there is NO NEED to call into TCS. Simply. Reach out to the Coordinators and once confirmed, we will adjust our invoice/payment on our side. The only time an Installer should be reaching out to TCS directly is if there is damage/missing product, design issues, or additional services that needs to be added.  
  • As a reminder, we should be using Floor Protection at all times when installing in a customer’s home. Protective items such as moving blankets, canvas drop cloths, or plastic lining should be used to protect the floors and walls as well as special or fragile items near where installation is occurring. Please always be mindful that you are in someone else’s space and protect it as if it was your own.  
  • Submit your questions for next week's Inspired call!  



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