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We are excited to continue our new Safety Quiz program with our field employees!
This month, the safety topic is Back Safety!
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March Theme: Safety Awareness

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Matt Wightman, Atlanta Market Installer


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Echoing what Kevin expressed last week, congratulations to you and the entire Penmarc team for a stellar Elfa Sale.  
As the sale came to a close we saw a healthy amount of ISV and Measure orders come with it. I truly believe that a smooth install starts with a thorough measure, which is why I would like to take a few minutes to review a few guidelines for working ISVs and Measures.  
As with any job, come prepared:
Essential items = Tape Measure, Measure Sheets, pencils/pens, and a level.  
Suggested items = Laser Measuring Device, Extra Grid Paper, Highlighter, Stencil Tool, and ABC Wall Cards
If you arrive and do not have the correct amount of spaces (too many or not enough) listed in Cruxos, contact the Coordinating team to add or delete spaces.  
While some steps may vary depending on which type of system you’re measuring for, follow the same steps and be meticulously detailed.
The Cruxos app questions are used internally by Penmarc to collect data, and TCS only uses the information provided on the uploaded Measure Sheets. This means that any information you deem necessary for the designer and TCSIS to know, you must document it on the measure sheets.  
Photos, photos, and more photos…did I mention photos?
Photos tell the story of the space, so do not skimp on taking photos:
  • Each space should have pictures of all four (or more) walls.
  • Photos should include the ceiling and the floor.
  • Seek additional photos for anything unusual or interesting about the space such as slanted ceilings, odd obstructions, or wall type particulars.
  • Photos should be clear and free from as many objects as possible such as ladders and tools.
  • Ensure all obstructions such as switches, outlets, and light fixtures are represented in the photos.
Earlier I suggested bringing ABC Wall Cards, and you might have thought, what’s that? It’s a very handy tool a few installers use –  index cards with big bold Letters (in sharpie) A, B, C, D, etc… and lay them out on the floor in front of each wall. This way when you’re taking photos, there’s a very easy visual guide to which wall the picture references.  
Don’t forget the extra steps needed for Production Measures (ISVs). 
Remember, an ISV means that a TCS designer has developed a full Avera or Laren design for a customer, and site information and size verification is need before the parts are manufactured. The main purpose of an ISV is to look at the plans and confirm that what’s drawn will fit accurately in the space.
  • Start an ISV by Reviewing the design found under Job Files in Cruxos, before starting the measuring process to get a sense of the space and the critical areas of interest, but at this point don’t review the design in too much detail as to not let it bias your measurements.
  • Draw your Birdseye View layout to match the same layout and wall placement as the design.
  • Proceed to measure the space and create a layout drawing.
  • Next, compare the design to your layout and look for areas that do not match.
  • Review both the Birdseye View and Elevation designs, looking for known or unknown obstructions, ceiling heights, etc…
  • Remeasure any areas that do not align and take additional photos of these areas.
  • The depth of the system must be considered; therefore, ALWAYS measure walls and obstructions that are adjacent to the walls where the system will be installed.
  • Add notes about additional parts that may be needed, such as trim, back panels, and why in the notes section on the measure sheet.  
As always, call your Market manager for the second set of eyes. 
Measures and IVs are not glamorous or lucrative on their own, but they are the lifeblood of the business and done well, pave the way for success in all areas of the business, including your business.  Please note that 9 times out of 10, TCS is scheduling ISV and Measures and therefore we cannot always control pairing the same installer who did the measure to the installation. So treat every ISV like someone else is doing the work and provide as much detail as possible. We before Me.  
Your market managers can provide additional training and guidance on all things Measure and ISV related and if you would like more information please reach out and let us know.  
Moving on to our safety topic of the week – Ladders!  
We all know that OSHA puts a lot of focus on ladder safety, but did you know there is a whole organization dedicated to ladder safety? That shows how often, and important ladder safety is, and while many of you may think, “…oh I just use a three-step ladder most of the time so big deal,” well According to the World Health Organization, the United States leads the world in ladder deaths. According to injury statistics, the most common type of ladder accident is a fall. 
A fall from any height – even one or two feet – could cause serious injuries such as bone fractures and head injuries:
  • mounting or dismounting the ladder improperly;
  • losing one's balance;
  • failing to set up the ladder properly;
  • over-reaching while on the ladder; and
  • misstepping while climbing or descending
So be mindful when on your ladder, even if it’s a small step ladder, to follow the three points of contact rule. That means two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. Put both hands firmly on the rungs before stepping onto a ladder.  
Lastly, I wanted to take some extra time on today’s call to celebrate you the installers. The Elfa sale is always a busy time for everyone including us on the management side of things, but my favorite part of this job is seeing the positive feedback roll in from customers or even TCS. I can tell you with certainty that we’ve seen an increase in positive customer reviews from this Elfa sale to the last, and that means we all doing something right.  
Starting up in the Northeast Market, Matt Wightman. We’ve received multiple positive customer feedback emails about his craftsmanship and professionalism. Matt also loads Cruxos with a lot of real-time detail which is so incredibly helpful. Thank you, Matt.  
Also, Kudos to Gordon Smalley who has been communitive and helped us work through some challenging installs.
In the DC Market, Kudos to Vernon Combs who, has a baby due any day now and has been a champ when we’ve called upon him to work on days off and even make fixes completely outside an installer’s normal scope of work. 
To our teams working so hard on the massive B2B jobs, Oscar Talley, Doug Robinson, Steven Robeson, and Erik Thompson – thank you, guys. And thank you to David Benitez, Edo Kabamba, Gary Lamonaco for putting in lots of extra time. Really to the entire greater DC team – we have so many initiatives going in the greater DC area and we appreciate everyone stepping up.  
In North Carolina, we’ve received so many positive reviews from our installers including Erica Yaffe, Jason Morgan, and Alan Hughes.  
Our Raleigh traveling installers have been road warriors this Elfa sale, so a much deserved thank you to Tygue Brown and Kyle Jones. And to our set Raleigh team Brian Quinn and Tad Dinkelkamp who are traveling to help in our new Richmond Market.
High fives to all of our Atlanta installers. Alex, Kris, Clarence, David, Matt, Scott, Sean, and Taj - You guys been silent solid producers and we’ve seen zero customer escalations in the Atlanta market over the past month and that is something to celebrate! Knock on wood I didn’t jinx it!  
On to South Texas where we have another big team that is doing amazing work. The recent weather woes were no match for all of our installers in Texas and we are so happy to hear that everyone is doing okay.  
We’ve received monstrous positive feedback from TCS and customers for Dale Masters and Jonathan Alcorta in San Antonio.  
Thank you to Evan Diganto from Houston who is traveling to our TN Market to help us out in a big way for a couple of weeks. And to Brian Pruden and Joe Noonan in Houston who did an awesome job on a recent Avera install. Great Craftmanship and great attitudes – thank you, guys.  
Thank you to Charlie Klotz whose reliability is unmatched and consistently gets great feedback from customers in Austin.  Also in Austin, thank you to Scott Ramsay who continues to, not only eat Avera and Laren jobs for breakfast but also does a wonderful job of communicating with the Penmarc team.
Jumping over to the west coast, land of the PR job!
Our southern California team has been doing great work. A special Thank you to Payman Ghiasvand (Ga-ass-vend) who worked a very high-profile PR job with our Market Manager Roger recently. We know we had to jump through a lot of hoops to make it happen but Payman was a team player throughout!  
Like any Grammy or Oscar acceptance speech, it’s hard to thank each and every individual whose hard work helped make the magic happen, but know that we appreciate all efforts to get the job done right and well.  
Don’t let up! The Elfa sale may be over, but that’s no excuse to let our guard down or our best practices slip!  
Stay the course, stay safe and stay in touch. Thanks.  


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