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We are excited to kick-off 2021 with a new Safety Quiz program!
Each month, we will distribute a short quiz on safety topics to all our Field-level employees.
Here are the rules and guidelines to participate in the quiz and be eligible to win a prize:
  • Employees who submit correct answers to the quiz will be entered into a quarterly raffle to win company SWAG for each correct answer.
  • The raffle will be drawn on the first Friday of the following quarter for all correct answer entries received during that quarter.
  • One raffle entry will be made for each correct quiz answer that the employee submits during that month. For example: if you submit a quiz with correct answers for all 3 months in the quarter, you will have your name entered into the raffle 15 times!!
  • Your response must be received by the last day of the month in which the quiz is released.
  • The Market Manager whose team members have the most correct answers will also be entered in a separate drawing for a chance to win the company SWAG item as a prize!
We hope that you will participate – and PLAY to WIN!!



February Theme: Celebration

Employee Spotlight of The Week!

Tygue Brown, Raleigh Market Installer


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Inspired Call: 
We are excited to have everyone join us today! Can you believe that we are ending the month of February time is flying by! We had the privilege last week of having Kelly and Ann talk to us about the different ways how we prepare ourselves for success and setting weekly goals!


As we wrap up the month, we wanted to take this time to talk more about Cruxos and how important it is to us. Cruxos is our project management system, it is where we store all of the information pertaining to a customer’s install or measure. Cruxos is truly the crux of everything we do so it is important that we are completing tasks correctly and relaying information back to our team when something doesn’t work.


As we all experience earlier today, when there is a Cruxos outage it can cause major delays in getting information that you that as the installer you need to be successful in your job.


We have put together some tips and tricks that you can use to set yourself up for success in case technology fails us and we do not have access to Cruxos:
Print all job files the night before: By printing the job files you are able to have a physical copy when needed. However, we do know that most of you prefer the ability to keep the plans on your devices as it allows you to zoom in on measurements when necessary- the best way to do this would be to download your plans from Cruxos and place them directly on your device: if you are an Android user you can store them in your files on your phone and if you are an Apple user you can store them in your iBooks as a PDF.


Gather customer contact information: 
When reviewing your jobs the night before you should write down your customer’s contact information and review the comments to the installer section for important information. A quick tip would be to place this information on the job files so that in case of an outage you have the information readily available, so you know where you are going, etc.


Photo Taking: 
Photos for task completion should be taken on your device and not directly through Cruxos. To help stay organized try creating a photo album to store the photos for the job you are currently on, this is helpful especially if there is an outage or Cruxos didn’t load your photos correctly when completing tasks. Another great tip is by using the text option with your device's camera to write what space the photo is for.
Email Notification: If there is an outage our Coordinators will get an email blast out as quickly as possible to let you know while they are working to get the information you need as well. So please check your email in the morning so you are prepared as well.
We hope these tips have been helpful and we want to thank each of you for being patient with us during the outage today. Now onto some wonderful things we can celebrate as we look forward to the end of the month and the start of a new month.
News from the Field:
Today is the last day of the Elfa sale! While it might be the end of the sale we still have tons of customers that are waiting to be scheduled. Work will continue to flow for the next few months as we work through our call to schedule log. As always if you are in need of time off we ask that you submit that 3 weeks in advance at a minimum to the market coordinators as we are currently booked out 3-4 weeks in some markets.
New Markets: In Mid-March the Richmond Market will open and we are so excited to have our New Installers join our team- stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks about this Market.
Our Teams from the Raleigh, Charlotte, and DC Markets will meet up in Annapolis, MD for another New Store Set up. As you all know this is great news as it means another Market will be starting soon. Stay tuned for more information on this market and look for some great team pictures in the Insider over the next couple of weeks.


We understand that at times a customer’s scheduled time might not flow the way we would like from a traveling standpoint- please keep in mind that we are not always able to call a customer and adjust the scheduled time, in most cases the customer has selected their install time based around what is convenient for them.


If you are unable to get in touch with services/installation, please call the coordinators! Our coordinators are in the office until 9pmEST and we can assist by sending emails and requested for trip charges, additional services, etc.


As a reminder, we should be using Floor Protection at all times when installing in a customer’s home. Protective items such as moving blankets, canvas drop cloths, or plastic lining should be used to protect the floors and walls as well as special or fragile items near where installation is occurring. Please always be mindful that you are in someone else’s space and protect it as if it was your own.


Check your email twice a day, once in the morning before heading to your first job and in the evening, and please respond in a timely manner to all Penmarc email correspondence.


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