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Hi Team!
Our February Leadership Live event was a great success! Over 70+ participants attended!
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We are excited to kick-off 2021 with a new Safety Quiz program!
Each month, we will distribute a short quiz on safety topics to all our Field-level employees.
Here are the rules and guidelines to participate in the quiz and be eligible to win a prize:
  • Employees who submit correct answers to the quiz will be entered into a quarterly raffle to win company SWAG for each correct answer.
  • The raffle will be drawn on the first Friday of the following quarter for all correct answer entries received during that quarter.
  • One raffle entry will be made for each correct quiz answer that the employee submits during that month. For example: if you submit a quiz with correct answers for all 3 months in the quarter, you will have your name entered into the raffle 15 times!!
  • Your response must be received by the last day of the month in which the quiz is released.
  • The Market Manager whose team members have the most correct answers will also be entered in a separate drawing for a chance to win the company SWAG item as a prize!
We hope that you will participate – and PLAY to WIN!!



February Theme: Celebration

Employee Spotlight of The Week!

Jason Morgan, Charlotte Market Installer


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Inspired Call: 
Hi Everyone!  Happy Fat Tuesday!  
Mardi Gras is definitely going to look different this year!  I have some friends that have been going to New Orleans every year for Mardi Gras forever and I remember they went last year and thinking….is this a good idea with all this Corona Virus stuff going on??  Little did we know, in just a couple of weeks that we were all going to be going home and on quarantine!  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already!  I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy and warm with all of this winter weather too!  I know our Texas & Tennessee friends were really feeling it the last several days. We are thinking about all of you!!


This week we’re going to talk a little bit about how to prepare ourselves for success and setting weekly goals.  I’ve asked Ann Parker to be with us today to talk through some ideas and get to know her a little better!  Ann was highlighted in last week’s Inspired Insider as our Employee Spotlight!  
Welcome, Ann!!


Ann: Thank you, Kelly. I am glad to be on this call today.


Kelly: We’re so excited to have you on Ann. Ann & I actually worked together before Penmarc and I’m excited for all of you to get to know her a little better!  Ann, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family!


Ann:  I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I have one brother. I love animals and people. I have always been a person that wants to help others. My family is very important to me. I have one child and her name is Shannabeth. She is 15 years old. I have two dogs (Pee Wee & Britney) and one cat (Patches). Someone who is very important to me and also works for Penmarc is Lesly Lucas. She is my best friend/sister. We have known each other for 48 years.


Kelly: That is amazing Ann!  I love yours & Lesly’s friendship!  It must be so nice to work with your best friend!  So jumping into our topic today, what are some ways that you organize yourself during the week for work?  


Ann: The first thing I do each morning is pull everything up I will need to complete my task for the day. Making a plan for that day, an example would be getting the most difficult regions scheduled first because that is the most time-consuming. I like to keep a list of all my loose ends and follow-ups for each day, how they were resolved in case I have to refer back to them. Making sure what needs to be in Asana is there so we all can follow up on those accounts as well.
Kelly: It sounds like knowing what needs to be done is the first step to success and then make lots of lists and notes!  That is so helpful for me as well.  It helps me stay on track & prioritize my day!  For installers that might mean, reviewing all jobs & plans the day before, making sure their tools & supplies are packed and well-stocked.  
Ann, Do you set goals for yourself at work?  How do you make sure you reach them?
Ann: Yes, I do set goals for myself at work. An example would be I have X amount of Calls to Schedules each day and I set a number to call each hour until complete. As a team, we help each other reach our goals. We all work together to make sure each other’s goals are met each day. We are truly a “We Before Me” team!


Kelly:  It is definitely a joy to watch you all interact as a team.  Jumping in to see who needs helps and supporting each other is a gift!   For all of our installers, I would love to hear what kinds of goals you set for yourselves during the week!  Ann, What are some things you do to help the installers have a successful week? 
Ann: Some things I do to set the installers up for success is to map their jobs to make sure that the route that day makes sense. Also, if I am unsure if a job would take more than one day. I will call the installer to give them a head’s up as to the job we have scheduled on him. I will email the installer the plans so they can give me feedback as to the time it will take them to complete the install. Making sure additional services are taken into consideration so we give them enough time to complete the demo/paint and install that day. I like to talk with the installers about jobs that have additional mileage to get their feedback on the start time so they have enough time to drive, time to complete the install, and to get back home safely at a decent hour.


Kelly: I love that partnership!  I’m sure the installers really appreciate getting to have some input into their schedules!  If we haven’t scheduled the jobs thoughtfully and with enough information, it would be very hard for the installers to have a successful day! Ann, what is the best part of being a scheduling coordinator for Penmarc?


Ann: My favorite part of being a scheduling coordinator is talking with the installers and customers. I really care about our installers and I know that they care about me as well. Kris Turnbull checks in with me a lot on Sundays just to see how I am doing and to say hey. Which is so thoughtful. David Deaton and I are foodies and love to talk about food and cooking shows. I really cherish the friendships that I have built with the installers. They are all super!


Kelly:  Obviously we all come to work for the money but I think the relationships we build are what really make us like our jobs!  What has been the thing you appreciate most about working for Penmarc & Rosewood?


Ann: I really appreciate the strong core values that the company lives by. I like that we can incorporate those core values into our own personal lives. I like that we always Innovate to Elevate. An example of that would be Penmarc used to be region-based and now we are tasks based which makes us a more successful team.


Kelly: I also love how collaborative we all are.  We are always looking for ideas about how to make things better or smoother from the people that are doing the jobs day in & day out!  What’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to doing after all of this Covid stuff?!
Ann: Going to Asheville to be with my family that I have not seen for a long time. I cannot wait to get and give the most amazing hugs. To talk and laugh together face to face! I really miss them!


Kelly:  I hope it’s soon Ann!!!  Ann, you are a delight!  We are all so lucky to have you on the team!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with Ann yet, you are really missing out and I hope you get to soon!  Thank you for being here today and talking through some tips for organizing ourselves, Ann!  And we have Lisa with us for the housekeeping items!!


Painting: Each installation comes with Standard Demo, Patch/Repair, and Paint. Even if the wall paint is white, patching alone is not sufficient.  All patchwork must be painted using flat-white paint or customer-provided matching paint.
- Standard Demo – the removal of 2 rods/2 shelves per wall.
- Patch and Repair – repairing the wall in the areas affected by standard demo.
- Use quick-dry patch or compound, screens, and pieces of drywall if necessary.
- Sand smooth
- If the Customer removed 2 rods/2 shelves per wall but did not patch and repair, installers are still expected to patch and repair the wall.
- Paint – painting the wall with flat-white paint in the areas affected by standard demo.
- Note the Customer may provide matching paint.
- If the Customer removed 2 rods/2 shelves per wall, patched and repaired the wall, but did not paint, installers are still expected to paint the areas affected by standard demo.
Top Track Covers: TCS notified us that they discovered a small amount of Elfa Top Track Covers that are longer than they should be.  They believe that they have removed most of the affected inventory; however if you notice that your Elfa Top Track Covers will not fit perfectly between two standards (24” apart), simply cut them.


Elfa Plans/Designs: TCS is starting to utilize a new design tool for elfa designs. This design tool is the same one used for Avera designs. At this time it is mainly used by customers who are designing online. Currently designs produced using the new elfa design tool do not provide “installer plans” and do not have product label codes for each elfa unit. We ask that if you are using one of these designs to install, you consult the product list to ensure you install all purchased components.


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