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"The future depends on what you do today." 
- Mahatma Gandhi
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The Container Store has added add two new items to the Avera product selection and one new element to the Elfa product selection. 

NEW Avera Expanding Valet Rod
NEW Avera Glass Shelf
NEW Elfa Expanding Valet Rod for décor Shelves

These items are now available in the TCS Design Tool and are available for customers to include in their custom closet. It is imperative that you read through each installation guide so that you understand how to install these items correctly. 

A couple of important elements to pay special attention to:
  • NEW Avera & Elfa Expanding Valet Rods: The installation requires the addition of anti-tip clips
  • NEW Avera Glass Shelf: Do not remove the plastic film until the shelf is in place
PDFs to review:
If you have any questions, reach out to your Market Manager.  

Employee Spotlight of The Month


Inspired Call Summary - 10.13.2020

Notes Topic: COVID – 19
The pandemic is still in the news and on the rise in several states. We know there is general fatigue surrounding the restrictions the pandemic has created; however, customers are still hyper-aware of the news and their surroundings and we want to iterate that wearing a face mask, that covers the nose and mouth, is required by The Container Store and Penmarc for each job.  Planning to distance yourself inside a customer’s home is not an alternative to wearing the mask. We ask that, for your safety and the safety of those around you, that you follow the CDCs guidelines for mask-wearing.  


Topic: Fall for Penmarc – Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You!


Speaking of “Getting to know all about you” – ISVs. Installer Site Visits are the way in which Penmarc and The Container Store get to know the spaces we are dealing with and get to know our future customer’s a little better. They are one of the best leading indicators of future business!  
We have seen a significant increase in measures and ISV over the past month and we have seen opportunities in which we can all improve the ISV experience and process.  
Here are some Tips:
1. The Little Things Matter
  • Measures and ISVs are our first opportunity to make a great impression. Have a positive initial introduction with the customer – winning over a customer, in the beginning, makes for a smoother installation all the way through.
  • Evaluate the whole room for any obstructions
  • Write legibly and take good quality photos (photos overall and then close up of oddities)
2. Stop Assuming
  • You are the eyes of the designer and for your fellow installers.
  • Installers tend to make  a lot of assumptions about what does and doesn’t matter; however, those assumptions should always be documented.
  • I hear a lot that, “the store understands my shorthand” – but the store is not always the people who receive the ISV/measures. There is a lot more virtual design by TCS employees company-wide.
There are Six walls, not Four
  • Check the ceiling and the floor and make sure to capture these areas in your photos.
  • Be mindful of what’s on the other side of the wall!
All Obstructions Need to be Measured
  • The obstruction itself should have height and width and also the distance from at minimum two points such as another wall and the floor or ceiling.
Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • While we want each measure to finish in a timely fashion, we never want to sacrifice speed for quality.
To Authorization, or Not Authorize – There is No Question
  • Call for authorization every time.
  • Your MMs know what is expected by TCS and can provide a second set of eyes.
Topic: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You! 
Josh Silba
Josh Silba: Josh joins Penmarc with several years of experience in Installation Project Management for the Fitness Equipment industry and has a Field Service Management and Logistics background as well.  His professional strengths lie in detail-oriented project management, creative problem solving, and providing exceptional customer service.  In his free time, you can find Josh in the kitchen exploring new recipes, hiking, and staying active.  He is loyal to Boston sports teams and would never miss a New England Patriots game.


Q1: What Penmarc Core Value do you identify with the most and why?
The value I most identify with is Innovate to Elevate. I believe creativity is very important to business operations, and one of the most important ways to develop a business. No successful company goes to where they are today without creativity and innovation.


Q2: What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
My favorite hobby is absolutely cooking. I love exploring new ingredients and cooking methods, and I even read culinary textbooks in my free time
Q3: If you could only choose one! Would you rather dance everywhere you walked or sing every time you talked? 
I would definitely pick dance everywhere I walked. It has the potential to be fun, and I can assure everyone that no one would want to hear be sing :)
Q4: Beach, Mountains, Lake, or Plains? 
Beach is my favorite, I lived in Hawaii for several years and the ocean is a very special and important place to me.
Q5: What new tool are you asking Santa for this Christmas? 
My Christmas tool wishes, while at first, I want a kitchen tool, would have to be one of the smaller handheld reciprocating saws. They are versatile tools that can help with a wide variety of projects, specifically with Penmarc they can be helpful with the demo, as well as the cutting products as needed. 
General Housekeeping Items:
The holidays are coming! Time Off Request for November are due ASAP
  • We expect time off request as far in advance as possible. A minimum of two weeks and three weeks is preferred.
  • Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are installer holidays.
Review your schedule twice a day – In the current climate, job schedules are changing more frequently. It’s best to check your schedule in the morning before 8 AM EST and in the evening after 6 PM EST. Call/email coordinators with any questions regarding your schedule.  


Photos: We need all installers to be more mindful of taking quality photos and taking all the photos that Cruxos asks for.  
  • ISV/Measure photos, pre and post demo photos, and completion photos should show all walls including the floor and the ceiling  
  • Completion photos should be taken once the job is entirely complete, and you have installed all accessories (including Standard Covers which should be installed 100% of the time) and you have cleaned the space trash, debris, and dust.



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Measurement and ISV

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