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Inspired Call: 
Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to the weekly Inspired Podcast.
Congrats! Or I’m so sorry! Depending on which team you were cheering for during the Super Bowl. I personally was rooting for the Chiefs, but the man did they get clobbered on Sunday by the Bucks. But that game is a good segway into our topic for today which is successful problem solving on installs.  
How is that a good segway? Well, the key to a successful installation is not only game planning ahead of time but being able to adjust when things start to get off track.
Game Plan:
Just as each football team watches film and studies upon their opponent, we suggest that you take the time each evening to review the elements of the scope-of-work for your jobs scheduled the following day. Being mentally prepared, even for what seems like a routine job, will get your mind working on probable issues and outcomes. It will also ensure that you come prepared with the right tools.
When you arrive, walk all the spaces you’ll be working in and double-check the measurements against your plans. If something is off, investigate further, think through possible solutions, and connect with TCS Installation Services if necessary, right away. Do not wait! It’s critical that each of you make a partner early in the installation vs. at the end of the install or at the end of the day.  
I think everyone expected the Kansas City Chiefs to come out in the second half of the game looking much different, but they really didn’t. They kept repeating the same mistakes. When you encounter issues on your install – adjust! Think outside of the box on how you can solve the problem at the moment. Make a partner if you need to, but don’t pass blame, don’t pass the buck, and don’t give up.
One thing I really want to emphasize is that even a seemingly small or benign issue can turn into a tidal wave. For example, you’re working on the finishing touches of a Laren install and you think, “Installing the door handle here seems a little odd…or the scribe is going to dive into the baseboard in a strange way.” You can either say, “Well, this is what the design says so I’ll just do it in this spot.” Or you can think of other options that would look intentional and then connect with the customer on their preferences, or even reach out to TCS Installation Services to connect with a designer.
There are too many of these kinds of scenarios to layout every example, but the point is that many of you are experienced enough to know when adjustments are necessary – trust your gut! When you encounter something, even the small things, document it in the general notes, think through possible solutions and then communicate to the appropriate party – that may be the customer, a coordinator, your market manager, or TCS Installation Services.
Unlike the Kansas City Chiefs, you can call in back up! When you start to feel like Patrick Mahomes, looking at two or three 300-pound linebackers sprinting towards you, call your Market Manager.
  • Measure/ISVs: If you arrive to conduct a Measure or ISV and space is under construction, that’s a red flag, especially if the drywall is not on the walls yet. In much new construction or remodel cases, a second Measure/ISV may be necessary. And if you see there’s no drywall in the space you’re expected to measure, take photos and connect with your Market Manager. Without drywall in place, we may ask you to submit photos only.
  • Real-time clocking: You all going to start hearing a lot more from everyone here at Penmarc about the importance of clocking in/out of jobs in real-time. We have seen an uptick in overlapping time records, manual punches, and forgetfulness to clock in and out of jobs altogether. Know that failing to clock in/out in real-time consistently bogs down critical resources and affects your pay, even if you’re a 1099 or Sub.
  • As a reminder Installers should clock-in at the arrival of each job.
  • Installers should clock-out of each job once they are in their vehicle and ready to depart.
  • If an installer is traveling to another job, installers should clock-in at the beginning of their travel to the next job.  
  • It’s essential that you clock-out of the current Job before clocking-in to the next Job.  
  • Because Travel time can be considered working hours, clocking-in does not give an accurate representation of if an installer has begun work on a job site.  
  • Adding your arrival time in Cruxos is critical for Market Managers, Coordinators, and others to know that you have started work at the job site.  
  • Arrival time also provides accurate documentation should the job start time be called into question at a later date.  


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