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"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."
– Leonardo da Vinci
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The Holidays🎅🏼🎄 Are Coming!
Holidays are coming! 
As a reminder Time Off Requests should be submitted at a minimum of 3 weeks in advance so please get time submitted ASAP before it is too late:
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are installer holidays installations are not scheduled on these days.
  • New Year’s Eve is NOT an installer Holiday and installations are scheduled up to 2 PM EST on this day.


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The Container Store has added add two new items to the Avera product selection and one new element to the Elfa product selection. 

NEW Avera Expanding Valet Rod
NEW Avera Glass Shelf
NEW Elfa Expanding Valet Rod for décor Shelves

These items are now available in the TCS Design Tool and are available for customers to include in their custom closet. It is imperative that you read through each installation guide so that you understand how to install these items correctly. 

A couple of important elements to pay special attention to:
  • NEW Avera & Elfa Expanding Valet Rods: The installation requires the addition of anti-tip clips
  • NEW Avera Glass Shelf: Do not remove the plastic film until the shelf is in place
PDFs to review:
If you have any questions, reach out to your Market Manager.  

Employee Spotlight of The Week!

We have five committed, hard-working “consider it done”, Market Managers here at Penmarc that deserve a virtual handshake, high-five, or a pat on the back for their efforts!


Each one of these gentlemen have been asked to juggle a lot and they have done so with a Spirit of Excellence. They are committed to supporting their respective teams, all the while representing Penmarc’s Core Values. Each will tell you that they are grateful to work alongside some of the best installers in the trade! We recognize that it is through their efforts, our teams continue to get better each day.


Thanks for all that each of you do on a day-to-day basis!
-  Operations Team


LISA: Intro


Thank you, Lisa!  I’m so excited to be with you guys this week to talk about Penmarc’s Core Value, the Spirit of Excellence.  I think it is the perfect value to highlight before the elfa sale starts!  As we all know it’s our busiest time of the year.  A couple of weeks in, we might feel like we’re too busy or we’re too tired to worry about every little detail or follow up!  But I think that is when it’s the most important!  


I’m trying to remind the coordinators & the billing team that our attention to detail, even when we’re at our busiest is what is going to help you guys have smoother days which will, in turn, make for a better customer experience.  We’re trying to make sure we have plans attached, confirm the appointments with the customer, find out about existing conditions, and all while keeping you informed every step of the way.  
And the most important thing for all of us to remember is that while we might install 5,000 closets over the next couple of months…..all 5,000 of those customers are only getting 1 closet installed, so trying to treat each of those jobs as the only customer is how we can show our Spirit of Excellence!  


Today I have asked our Billing Specialist, Gaby Vazquez to join us and discuss some ways that you can help the billing team have a smoother elfa sale!!  You might be wondering why it is you’re wanting to make things smoother for the billing team:
  • Billing is not only invoicing TCS so Penmarc can get paid but also so we can pay all of you  in a timely manner.  
  • And as much as I’m sure you all love Gaby, hearing from her a little less will save you a lot of time, having to go back and remember about the job you might have done 2 days ago or dug through your pictures to find the right completion photo!  
Gaby has been with Penmarc for 2 years this month!  She is an expert in all things TCS and Cruxos!!  Gaby, thank you so much for being on the Inspired Call with us today!
Gaby: I’m happy to be here!
Kelly: Gaby, what do you think the single most important thing an installer can do to help the billing team?
Gaby: Completing all the tasks accurately and in a timely manner is super helpful to the billing team. The more detail that the installer can provide in the tasks, the fewer questions we have while reviewing the job the next day, and the quicker we can make sure they get paid correctly for the work they complete. We understand that sometimes installers have trouble completing tasks due to poor cell phone reception but taking pictures through the phone instead of the app and going back to each job at the end of the day to ensure all tasks are fully completed really makes our lives a bit easier, especially with the elfa sale coming up. Even if they’re not able to complete all the tasks due to issues like space not being installed, entering a note on why it wasn’t completed helps clear up a lot of questions. The longer that we have to wait until tasks get completed, the longer it is until the order is submitted and paid out to the installer.  
Kelly: I agree Gaby!  If installers can make sure anything out of the ordinary or significant gets noted in the task at the end of the day, it will eliminate a lot of emails and phone calls which will allow you to concentrate on the job at hand.
In thinking about the Spirit of Excellence and how Attention to Detail plays into that value, what are some key things Installers can do to show their Attention to Detail in Cruxos?
Gaby: Simple things like making sure you select AM instead of PM or vice versa when filling out the arrival and departure time. Also ensuring your completion pictures are uploaded – especially on Laren and Avera installs where TCS views all the pictures that are sent over. When there’s a missing or damaged product on an install or service, noting whether it was called into TCS and what the resolution is – are they self-installing? Did you get a service created? Will TCS reach out to the customer? It’s all about the details! 
Another key detail would be calling your coordinator if you need more spaces added in Cruxos if you notice some are missing on a measure or an install. They seem like little things but trust me, they make a big difference on the back end of it all and lessen the probability of any installer receiving a phone call or email from the Billing Team.  
Kelly: I know additional services causes quite a few questions for billing.  What are some of the key things you would like installers to remember when they have additional services on a job?
Gaby: Calling in any additional services on the job if additional demo, paint, or any other services were performed that we were not aware of prior to starting the work! It’s very hard for TCS to collect payment from the customer after the job is done and we run the risk of not receiving any compensation when the services are called in afterward which also affects how we pay the installers. 
Noting whom you speak to in TCS when you call those additional services and most importantly, how much time you’re requesting because if for any reason TCS forgets to add it, then Billing can get it added on the back end since we have all the information. If you are not calling in those additional services, then we cannot compensate you for the additional work completed. 
You can contact your coordinators if you’re not able to get in contact with anyone at TCS and they can help get those charges added. Also, if you have any questions about whether additional services are already included, contact your coordinators. They are your best partner!
Kelly: I had another thought while you were talking Gaby!  Remember to take a before picture of all spaces!  These help us with the additional demo!


Parking & Tolls can also be confusing because the task structure is different on elfa vs. Laren & Avera, can you go over how and when these should be filled out in Cruxos?
Gaby: Sure! Installers are compensated for 100% of any parking or toll they incur on a job up to a certain amount as stated in their contract. A picture of the receipt is required for all parking fees.  On the other hand, tolls do not require a photo receipt but the amounts must be noted for both so we can invoice TCS.


As of now, only elfa installs have a task question where you can add your parking and tolls if you have any, however, installers can always add the amount and a picture under the general notes section on measures, ISV’s and Laren or Avera installs and the Billing Team will see them. It’s important to remember that you only have until the end of the day to document information about parking and tolls.  
Once we have completed the job with TCS, we cannot go back in and add those items.  Again, you can always call your coordinator if you need help getting the receipt added.  
Kelly: Since we are completing jobs and invoicing TCS the next day, it is very important for all relevant information, tasks & pictures to be added in real-time, end of the day at the latest.


To wrap up Gaby, I’m hearing a lot of “Call the Coordinator” so I thought maybe you could give us a rundown of the situations where installers should be calling the coordinators or the times when the coordinators can be a resource?
Gaby: Of course! Installers should be calling coordinators if they are not able to complete the installation within the scheduled time frame, the customer cannot make the appointment or they have a busted job, one or more of the spaces are not installed, and to remove the additional set of tasks or add another space. 
Basically, for any issues related to scheduling or a return trip or service order and any Cruxos issues that occur during the installation, partner with a coordinator.  


Think of the Office Team like a “Help Desk”.  We need to gather as much information as possible so we can assist you or connect you with the right resources for assistance. They can also add any information in Cruxos such as pictures if they are not uploading correctly, help you get any information necessary to TCS such as additional services, get a service order created for a customer, or even check to see if the NSRP is correct. 
Our amazing coordinating team is always happy to help and they are the first line of defense before billing sees the order in Cruxos so if you ever have any questions related to any of these scenarios, just call your coordinator!
Kelly: Gaby!  I feel like we could spend a week talking about all things Cruxos!!  But I think this has been really helpful.  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today!!
Gaby: There are a million things to talk about but thank you for having me on today Kelly! If you guys ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and thank you all for always being so patient and eager to answer any questions I may have. I appreciate each and every one of you!
Kelly: If Gaby or the Billing Department does send you an email asking for additional information or to complete tasks or pictures, please try to reply as soon as possible, even if you think it’s something that already has a resolution.  
We certainly understand that you might be in the middle of another install but if you could check on a break in between or at the end of the day, it really helps us close things out for TCS, makes sure we’re taking care of the customer and gets you paid!  Thank you again for listening to us and having us on here!!  Lisa, I’ll turn it back over to you for housekeeping!!
  • The weather is turning cold! Check out the Penmarc Swag Catalog for the great Jacket!  
  • Dress Code: When on accepted Penmarc Jobs, Penmarc branded shirts or polos are required. Clothing should be clean, unwrinkled, and tucked-in. Installers should be in long pants and have closed-toed shoes. Older “TCS Installation” hats, shirts, and polos are not considered the correct dress code. Hats were maybe worn if they are Penmarc branded.  
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words! Ensure you are taking “Pre-demo” photos or “Per-Installation” photos if there’s no demo involved, of the entire space. Try to capture the floor and ceiling every time. These photos can make a huge difference when we receive customer claims of damage.  
  • Accurate Measures and ISVs are a critical step to all parties involved – The Customer, TCS, Penmarc, and YOU! We can reduce the need for service orders, redesigns, and unexpected outcomes by conducting legible, accurate, detailed, and assumption-free Measures and ISVs.  
  • The Container Store’s Annual Elfa Sales starts on December 18.  Job volume may be slow in most markets until after Christmas.  



Inspired Call Questions:
We want to hear from you!! If you have any questions that you would like to be answered and discussed during our Inspired Call each week please email those to
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Thank you for joining us today! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and were able to take the time to relax with your family. The time is flying and before we know it Christmas will be here and 2020 will be over! 
We are so excited to continue our Fall for Penmarc theme this month as we focus on one of my favorite Core Values -Spirit of Excellence.
We are so excited to have Kevin Curry back with us this week as he gives us an update on all the great things we have in store with Penmarc for his last Update of the year!!
Take a moment to listen to the recording to hear from Kevin Curry, VP of Operations!

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Shout Out



Penmarc Inspired Spaces and The Container Store partnered up to provide consultation, design services, hardware, and installation of a Career Closet to Campbell University’s Office of Career Services. Located on campus at the Student Services building, the new Career Closet allows students to start building their professional wardrobe free of charge.
Read the full article by Campbell University -->
A huge thanks to Rosewood Family of Companies Group President, Matthew Epps, Campbell MBA '09, for organizing this project and bringing it to fruition.
To see the live action of the install, watch the video below!