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We are so lucky to have dedicated employees. Your hard work makes us who we are. May this Christmas season bring you and your families enough joy and laughter to last a lifetime.
We are wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!
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  • Penmarc will NO LONGER hold the LIVE Inspired Calls on Tuesday afternoon. In the past, Marketing has sent out an email reminder for this call and I wanted to make you aware that this will no longer be necessary.  PEN will record the call and email it to Marketing to be included in the Inspired Insider going forward.


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  • Note that we have updated our phone prompts to better direct those who need to reach our B2B team.

Employee Spotlight of the Week!

Shout Out of the Week: 

Last week, Bryan E. Smart, our Market Manager for South Central in Austin, TX, met with our STX Installers and wanted to acknowledge their hard work!⁣
Trace Anderson, Austin Logue, and Charlie Klotz have all been working for months on one of our B2B projects doing an excellent job. 
After another hard day of B2B installations last week, Bryan was able to share a little Holiday Cheer with Charlie and Austin by taking them to dinner!!
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Completing multiple installations in a day can be a daunting task...but nothing is impossible! Here are 5 tips to maximize your time.

The Inspired Podcast


 Inspired Call 12.22

Call Script - Confidence
Good day team, this is Andy Payne, market manager for the southeast. As we have the Elfa sale starting this Wednesday we’re going to be extremely busy in the coming weeks. This is an exciting time as we potentially will be making a lot of first impressions with new customers. With that in mind, I wanted to take a few minutes today to discuss how to speak with confidence when interacting with customers.  


Prior to joining the Penmarc team I previously worked for our sister company, ProVantage, as a project manager. In the project manager role, you’re often juggling multiple types of work, across many job sites, and each has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges. The project manager is often the first point of contact for the client when they have questions or concerns regarding the project. As you can imagine with so many jobs running at once it can be hard to have all the answers right off the top of your head. Over time though I learned that even when you may not have the answer, right at that moment, you can still speak with confidence to help put the client or customer’s mind at ease. With just a few changes in the way we behave and speak, we can have almost all interactions leave the customer feeling confident in our abilities with the job we are doing.  


Speaking with confidence allows you to speak concisely and with clarity. In those moments the installer is able to demonstrate their knowledge and communicate clearly to the customer about their install or measure. When the customers feel that you are confident, they in turn are confident in your abilities to do the job at hand. Even the most knowledgeable installer may have moments where they’re asked a question that they may not have the answer to. 
Here are a few quick tips on how to appear confident when speaking even when you may not have all the answers:
  1. Believe in yourself and your abilities! Everyone listening to this has put in the rigorous work and training to be an installer with Penmarc.  You work hard every day to help the customer’s dream closet become a reality. For our customers, this is a very exciting moment and you’re there to help make it happen.
  2. We always want to introduce ourselves with a smile but don’t forget to also stand tall with your shoulders back carrying yourself with a sense of purpose. Your body language can show that you’re confident and proud of the work you do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a sense of pride in the great work you do every day.
  3. Make sure you’re making eye contact when speaking to the customer. I’m sure many of you as kids had the same experience as me where the adults in your life would make you “look them in the eye” when giving an answer to know if you were being honest or not. This kind of “tell” in our behavior still holds true even as an adult! Staring down at your feet or looking away the whole time can give the impression you’re searching for answers or are not being honest. Remember though it is important to take breaks and look away so as not to come off creepy by staring someone down.
  4. Really be mindful of your body language while speaking. If you’ve ever watched a game show where contestants have to answer questions then you’ve likely seen an example of this. You can tell instantly by the contestant’s body language if they’re struggling with the answer or if they know it right off the bat. Fidgeting will only make you come off as nervous. If you’re looking nervous this can be a real red flag to a customer. You don’t need to stand like a statue but be conscious of how you are carrying yourself at the moment when speaking to a customer.
  5. Always be sure to take a moment, slow down, and speak clearly when talking to the customer. Mumbling or speaking low tends to give the impression that you may not have the answer to the question or the customer may hear something entirely different than the actual answer you gave. We always want communication to be as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.
  6. You don’t have to know all the answers but the last things you want to tell the customer is “I don’t know” or even worse to just make up an answer. Try to answer with honest, open-ended responses like, “let me double-check on that” or “I’ll look over the plans again just to verify”. There’s nothing wrong with having to step away to review your plans or reach out to one of your resources for help.
  7. Remember your resources! Cruxos often has a wealth of information at your fingertips. You can find your job plans, videos of how to install components, and additional information in the app. If you truly can’t find the answer on the plans or run into a situation you don’t know the answer don’t be afraid to reach out to your market manager or the coordinating team. They’ll work with you to help figure out the situation and get the answer you seek.
Going into a job with confidence will help to get everything started off on the right foot. Confidence should be considered another tool for you to have with you, just like a ladder or level, for each and every job.
The Elfa Sale starts TODAY, Wednesday, Dec 22. The Container Store promotion is a little different this year – 20% off Elfa over $500. This should be good for us as many Elfa spaces over $500 tend to add installation. We anticipate a huge start to the Elfa sales so your empty calendars should be full very soon!  


Note that we have updated our phone prompts to better direct those who need to reach our B2B team. When you call our offices for support at 984-500-1015 you will press 2, then 1 for Avera, Laren, or Elfa support, and 2 for B2B support. We know many of you are used to pressing 2, then 2 again for Laren and Avera; however, all of our coordinators can help support your initial Laren and Avera questions now. We will send out an updated contact sheet with this information.  


From all of us here at Penmarc, we wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful new year.  
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Shout Out

Hi Penmarc Family!
We have updated our phone tree to separate out B2B.
When anyone calls into the main number, 984-500-1015 they will now hear the below options:
Customers Press 1
Florida customers - Press 1 – routed to 786-333-5060
All others - Press 2 – routed to the Penmarc Scheduling Coordinator Queue
  1.  Voicemails go to the Extended Hours Email
  2. Ext 521 to log in & delete voicemails so the box doesn’t get full
Installers Press 2
Measure, ISV, elfa, Laren & Avera – Press 1 - routed to the Penmarc Scheduling Coordinator Queue
  1. Voicemails go to the Extended Hours Email
B2B – Press 2
  1. Voicemails go to the distro
  2. Ext 538 to log in & delete voicemails so the box doesn’t get full